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Eggdrop->Partyline commands

Eggdrop Command Reference (Core)

addlogaddlog <text>writes comments into log file.addlog argh I can't get !@#$%^& thing to work!
awayaway [away-message]marks you as "away" on the party line.away brb, taking a shower
backbackmarks you un-away on the party line.back
backupbackupwrite a backup of entire user list.backup
bannerbanner <text>message to everyone on party line.banner Hi everyone.Shutting Down..
bindsbinds [type/match]shows the Tcl bindings in effect.binds *seen*
bootboot <nickname> [reason]
boot <nick@bot> [reason]
kick a user off the party line.boot BadBoy that's not nice
+bot+bot <bot> <address:botport#[/userport#]> [hostmask]creates a user record for a new bot.+bot NiceBot
-bot-bot <bot>erases a user record.-bot fnordbot
botattrbotattr <nickname> [attributes] [channel]view and change the flags for a bot.botattr fnordbot +s-h
botinfobotinfoinformation from every bot currently in the botnet.botinfo
botsbotslist of bots currently in the botnet.bots
bottreebottreetree-format diagram of the bots currently in the botnet.bottree
chaddrchaddr <bot> <address:botport#/userport#>changes the internet address for a bot.chaddr NiceBot
chatchat [on/off]
chat <channel # OR name>
changes your channel on the dcc chat connection .chat 4801 / .chat off
chattrchattr <nickname> [attributes] [channel]view and change flags for a user.chattr Lamer +pf
chhandlechhandle <oldhandle> <newhandle>changes the handle of a user.chhandle gavroche jamie
chnickchnick <oldnick> <newnick>has been superceeded by .chhandle-
chpasschpass <handle> [newpassword]Changes a user's password on the bot.chpass Cutie horse26
commentcomment <user> [comment...]creates or changes the comment field for a user.comment newbie Added by Wilson
consoleconsole [channel] [modes]changes your console level .console +mcobxs-jkp
dccstatdccstatlist of all the "dcc" connections the bot is handling.dccstat
debugdebugdisplay a dump of memory allocation, assuming the bot was compiled with DEBUG.debug
diedie [reason]kills the bot.die be right back
echoecho <on/off>Sets whether you want your messages echoed back to you.echo off
fixcodesfixcodes switches telnet on and off / when bot gets mixed up about your type of connect.fixcodes
handlehandle <new-handle>changes your handle on the bot.handle Lizard
helphelp <command>displays help on the specified chattr
+host+host <nickname> <hostmask>adds a host to a user record.+host Mouse1 *!mouse@*
-host-host <nickname> <hostmask>removes a host from a user record.-host Mouse1 *!mouse@*
+ignore+ignore <hostmask> [%<XdXhXm>] [comment]adds a hostmask to the ignore list.+ignore *!*@* lame flooders
-ignore-ignore <hostmask OR number>removes an ignore from the list .-ignore 3
ignoresignores [wildcard]lists the hostmasks the bot is currently ignoring .ignores *
+lang+lang <language>adds a new language to the language list
-lang-lang <language>removes a language from the language list
linklink [some-bot] <new-bot>links in a new bot to the botnet
loadmodloadmod <module>loads a module
+lsec+lsec <section>
-lsec-lsec <section>
matchmatch <attr> [channel] [[start] limit]
meme <text>
modulemodule [modulename]
modulesmodules <botname>
motdmotd <botname>
newpassnewpass <password>
nicknick <new-nick>
notenote <nickname[@bot]> <message>
pagepage <# OR off>
quitquit [comment]
relayrelay <botname>
setset <variable> [value]
simulsimul <nickname> <text>
statusstatus / status all
stripstrip <user> [modes]
susu <user>
tcltcl <command>
tracetrace <bot>
unlinkunlink <bot>
unloadmodunloadmod <module>
+user+user <nickname> [hostmask]
-user-user <nickname>
whowho [bot]
whoiswhois <nickname>
whomwhom [channel]

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