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On Eggdrop the console partyline command will change your console mode.

Syntax: console [channel] [modes]

Changes your console level, so that you will see only those types of console messages that you want to. Your current console channel is the channel (that the bot is on) which you can view from the party line, and which channel-specific commands (like .say and .op) take affect on. Valid levels are:

  m  display private msgs/ctcps to the bot
  p  display public talk and ctcps on the channel
  k  display kicks/bans/mode changes on the channel
  j  display joins/parts/nick changes/signoffs/etc on the channel
  b  display bot links/unlinks/userfile-sharing
  s  display server messages and connects/disconnects
  w  display msgs between IRCops (wallops)

Channel master only:

  c  display user commands (dcc and msg)
  o  display other bot notices [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED]

Master only:

  x  display file transfers and file-area commands
  d  display debug messages that only coders would care about

Owner only:

  r  display all raw text from the server (if enabled)
  v  display raw text SENT to the server (if enabled)

-- There are also 8 user-defined console modes '1' through '8' --

The mode can also be a modifier like '+p' or '-jk' or '+mp-b'. If you omit the channel and modes, it will show your current console channel and setting.

console <user> [channel] [modes] Used to set the console level of another user. This can even be used on users who normally would not be able to set their own console mode.


.console #NiceChan .console +mcobxs-jkp