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    Also see OMgasm (the film)

    OMGASM stands for Operation: Mindfuck - Golden Apple Seed Missions. It's a call to action for Discordians and any friend of the free-thinking lunatic fringe. It works to get people involved in various fringe projects both on and off the Internet.

    The main website is at http://www.blackironprison.com/index.php/OMGASM

    There is also a feed of current Golden Apple Seed Missions at http://principiadiscordia.com/gasmfeed


    The OMGASM is an attempt to network with Discordians so that they can share resources between cabals.

    OM stands for Operation Mindfuck. It is an ongoing Discordian project to challenge existing assumptions and provoke critical and creative thought.

    GASM stands for Golden Apple Seed Mission. It's a Discordian meme which indicates a project needs assistance.

    Combined, they become OMGASM - a way of networking Discordian power so that everyone can accomplish their goals.

    Types of OMGASMs[edit]

    • AbbyGASM - Writing to advice columnists and asking them about Discordia.
    • ColbertGASM - The project to recruit Mr. Colbert and Mr. Stewart to the secret societies that they would best benefit.
    • Book OM or Bookgasm - Sneaking Discordian, mind-expanding, underground books and tracts into places they wouldn't ordinarily be found.
    • EggGASM or Erister Egg Hunt- Put one line meme bombs and quotes from Discordian works and other unexpected items in colored plastic eggs and hide them on Easter.
    • GASMGASM - The project to inform others about the word GASM and encourage them to help out with each other's projects.
    • Intermittens - A Discordian magazine first published online in November 2008.
    • LitGASM - the project to tag all Discordian works on the internet
    • MileyGASM - Identifying Disney Princesses such as Miley Ray Cyrus as Discordian American Princesses. (See http://discordia.loveshade.org/xtra/mileycyrus.html)
    • PosterGASM - The project to put posters, flyers, and meme bombs in public places. (See http://www.blackironprison.com/index.php/POSTERGASM)

    Also see Operation Mindfuck for related missions.

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