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    LitGASM is a Golden Apple Seed Mission, part of OMGASM. The objective of the mission is to tag all relevant Discordian Works on the web. This idea was first proposed Cramulus in the first issue of Intermittens. Please help out by participating / spreading the word, because the project is pretty ambitious...

    Current Progress located here: http://delicious.com/search?context=all&p=litgasm&lc=1

    Main project page loated here: http://blackironprison.com/index.php?title=Litgasm


    The problem is that when you're new to Discordia, you've probably read the Principia Discordia, but nothing else. Where is the other stuff? What have Discordians been up to for the last 50 years? ---other than spagging around on myspace, livejournal, forums, etc etc etc....

    I would like us to create a central suppository of Discordian Works, so if you're into Discordia, you don't have to zip all over the web to find it.

    So what's a Discordian Work?[edit]

    • Sermons
    • Rants
    • Essays
    • Images
    • Music
    • podcasts
    • Specifically Discordian Blog Posts
    • Religious Crap - rituals, ceremonies, holydays, chants, etc etc
    • Whatever else you feel is appropriate

    How to Help:[edit]

    • Spread LITGASM to other Discordian people and places
    • Get a delicious.com account and start tagging stuff

    This is an archival project, so when you tag a page, be descriptive. Your work will make it easier for Discordians living in the sci-fi future to find what we've been up to.

    Here are some examples of tags you might use: cabal, parable, saint, koan, thornley, holiday, prank, project, news...

    IMPORTANT: Make sure everything you mark has the tag "litgasm"!

    What NOT to Tag[edit]

    There's a lot of fluff out there. The point of this project is to tag the bits of written Discordia which will be relevant to newcomers. So tag stuff which they should read to get a feel for what Discordia is about - don't tag stuff which will waste their time. This is very subjective, so use your best judgement.

    Some examples might help...

    pages which deserve tags:

    pages which shouldn't be tagged:

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