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    In literature, the Latin phrase non serviam was spoken by Satan as he refused to serve God. It translates into "I will not serve."

    It is attributed to Satan in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce, but the origin of this attribution is unknown. It might have originated in one of Friedrich Nietzsche's works, quoting an older source, but this is unconfirmed. A version of St. Jerome's Vulgate does contain the phrase "non serviam" in Jeremiah 2:20, but God is scolding Israel, not Satan. This places the phrase as originating in 382 AD or later.

    Wikipedia:Non serviam

    Electronic magazine (Stirner)[edit]

    An electronic journal dedicated to the work of the German philosopher, Max Stirner. "Non Serviam!" "I will not serve," is known from literature as Satan's declaration of rebellion against God. The journal attempts to follow up on this tradition of insurrection in philosophical analysis.

    Archists, Anarchists and Egoists[edit]

    "I am an anarchist! Wherefore I will not rule
    And also ruled I will not be."
     -- John Henry Mackay
    "What I get by force I get by force, and what
    I do not get by force I have no right to."
     -- Max Stirner

    In his book MAX STIRNER'S EGOISM John P. Clark claims that Stirner is an anarchist, but that his anarchism is "greatly inadequate". This is because "he opposes domination of the ego by the State, but he advises people to seek to dominate others in any other way they can manage...Stirner, for all his opposition to the State...still exalts the will to dominate."


    Is conscious egoism, therefore, compatible with anarchism? There is no doubt that it is possible to formulate a concept of anarchism that is ostensibly egoistic. For many years I tried to do this and I know of several individuals who still claim to be anarchists because they are egoists. The problem, however, is that anarchism as a _theory_ of non-domination demands that individuals refrain from dominating others _even_if_they_could_gain_greater_satisfaction_from_dominating_ _than_from_not_dominating_. To allow domination would be to deny anarchism. In other words, the "freedom" of the anarchist is yet another yoke placed around the neck of the individual in the name of yet another conceptual imperative.


    from Non Serviam Magazine No.7

    Stanislaw Lem[edit]

    Stanislaw Lem - A Perfect Vacuum, Non-Serviam 1971

    (Personetics): A “world�? for personoid “inhabitants�? can be prepared in a couple of hours... A specific personoid activity serves as a triggering mechanism, setting in motion a production process that will gradually augment and define itself; in other words, the world surrounding these beings takes on an unequivocalness only in accordance with their own behavior... From four to seven personoids are optimal, at least for the development of speech and typical exploratory activity, and also for 'culturization’... It is possible to 'accommodate' up to one thousand personoids... Many different philosophies (ontologies and epistemologies) have arisen among them... I can enlarge their world or reduce it, speed up its time or slow it down, alter the mode and means of their perception; I can liquidate them, divide them, multiply them, transform the very ontological foundation of their existence...


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