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    Mediawiki Upgrade Tutorial with Spamblacklist patch

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    Obligatory Caution[edit]

    s23/seti23 is not responsible for any damages or data loss you experience by following this tutorial.

    What for?[edit]

    Maybe Wikipedia/Mediawiki developers are taking care of things in the next version of Mediawiki, but in the mean time smaller wikis are getting totally blasted with spam. This is totally wearing the wiki maintainers down, stifling creativity and constructivness. Most of the creative energies are spent on making monotonous repetitive rollbacking to non-spammed page versions and IP blocking which is ineffective against multiple dynamic IP spam attacks. So this wikipage has been created to help those folks who are looking to control the amount of spam on their wiki.

    This tutorial assumes...[edit]

    that you are somewhat familiar with:

    • using a *nix shell,
    • installing patches,
    • recompiling sourcecode,
    • and reinstalling the mediawiki installation.


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    Upgrading Mediawiki[edit]

    (If you have Version 1.4 or 1.5 skip this step)

    Check out Upgrading Mediawiki
    IMPORTANT: Make sure you read the Backup before you Upgrade step before you start this.


    Here you can find compatible blacklists or create your own, just like we have here in the s23 wiki --> Spam blacklist

    meta.wikimedia blacklist

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    Backup before you Upgrade[edit]

    Making a backup of a mediawiki installation is basically a four-step process. Copying the regular files, making a database backup,compressing the files and sending them to a remote backup location.

    Copy "w" directory[edit]

    1. If you follow the standard wikipedia way to hide "index.php" in URLs and your webserver's document root is /var/www/, you will have the wiki physically installed in /var/www/w and an alias for /var/www/wiki in your apache config. Hence, something like:

    cp -r /var/www/w /home/backup/w_20051223

    would be sufficient.

    If you are not hiding index.php and you have installed your wiki to a physical directory /var/www/wiki or another place, change the path accordingly. (cp -r /path/to/your/wiki /path/to/your/backup)

    Dump Database[edit]

    2. To make a dump of the Mysql database, use the "mysqldump" command on a console.

    mysqldump -u root -p wikidb > wikidb_20051223.sql

    Compress Data[edit]

    3. To save diskspace and bandwidth you can now compress the files, f.e. with .tar.gz (or zip).

    tar zcvf wikidb_20051223.sql.tar.gz wikidb_20051223.sql
    tar zcvf w_20051223.tar.gz /home/backup/w_20051223

    Copy to remote location[edit]

    4. Finally copy the files to a remote server, f.e. via scp (or ftp).

    scp wikidb_20051223.sql.tar.gz user@backupserver.com:/home/user/backups/
    scp w_20051223.tar.gz user@backupserver.com:/home/user/backups/
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    Keep in mind that your backup files will include passwords for the wiki database.

    Before putting them in a public location consider editing LocalSettings.php (and possibly AdminSettings.php if existing).

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