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    Integrate RSS newsfeeds into wiki pages using magpie RSS parser in a custom Mediawiki extension:

    (For example to interwiki syndicate RecentChanges pages like on the recent near changes.)

    mutante 21:35, 25 Mar 2005 (CET)







    del.icio.us UTF-8 test[edit]


    FFII News feed test[edit]


    Linux ml[edit]



    # RSS-Feed Mediawiki extension
    # using magpieRSS (http://magpierss.sourceforge.net/)
    # by mutante 25.03.2005
    # requiring magpie (see above)
    # give it a name
    $wgExtensionFunctions[] = "wfRssExtension";
    # register with global parser (http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Write_your_own_MediaWiki_extension)
    function wfRssExtension() {
    global $wgParser;
    # set hook (trigger) to rss, means <rss> will be made active tag
    $wgParser->setHook( "rss", "renderRss" );
    # the actual function (taking input)
    function renderRss( $input ) {
    # maybe its a good idea to escape string user input so they dont try to attach nasty things
    # $input = mysql_escape_string($input);
    # fetch the feed (magpie's job)
    $rss = fetch_rss($input);
    # setting variables for table head
    # putting the html table head into the output variable
    $output="<table><tr><th align='left' colspan='3'><i>RSS-feed included from:</th></tr>
    <th colspan='2'><a href='$link'>$title</a></th>
    # now a loop to add table rows until none more are found
    foreach ($rss->items as $item) {
    # setting variables for table row
    $href = $item['link'];
    $title = $item['title'];
    $date = $rss->dc['date'];
    $description = $item['description'];
    # adding each single row (still in loop) (.= appends = would overwrite)
    $output.="<tr><td>date $date</td><td colspan='1'><a href='$href'>$title</a></td><td>$description</td></tr>";
    # loop done ,adding final tag to close table properly
    # dump the output all at once
    return $output;

    Extended version by Duesentrieb[edit]

    This is an extended version of the RSS-feed extension by mutante (http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:mutante/RSSFeed). It's main features are charset conversion, nicer formating and output of the full description text of the news items. It also introduces a syntax for controlling those features.

    # RSS-Feed Mediawiki extension
    # original by mutante 25.03.2005
    # extended by Duesentrieb 30.04.2005
    # Requires: 
    #  * magpie rss parser <http://magpierss.sourceforge.net/>
    #  * iconv <http://www.gnu.org/software/libiconv/>, see also <http://www.php.net/iconv>
    # Installation:
    #  * put this file (rss.php) into the extension directory of your mediawiki installation 
    #  * add the following to the end of LocalSettings.php: include("extensions/rss.php");
    #  * make sure magpie can be found by PHP.
    # Usage:
    #  Use one section between <rss>-tags for each feed. The ress section may contain parameters
    #  separated by a pipe ("|"), just like links and templates. Two parameters are supported:
    #    * charset=...   the charset used by the feed. iconv is used to convert this.
    #    * short         do not show the description text for each news item.
    # Example: 
    #    <rss>http://slashdot.org/slashdot.rss|charset=UTF-8|short</rss>
    #change this according to your magpie installation!
    #install extension hook
    $wgExtensionFunctions[] = "wfRssExtension"; 
    #extension hook callback function
    function wfRssExtension() { 
       global $wgParser;
       #install parser hook for <rss> tags
       $wgParser->setHook( "rss", "renderRss" );
    #parser hook callback function
    function renderRss( $input ) {
       global $wgOutputEncoding;
       # $input = mysql_escape_string($input);
       if (!$input) return ""; #if <rss>-section is empty, return nothing
       #parse fields in rss-section
       $fields= explode("|",$input);
       $url= @$fields[0];
       $args= array();
       for ($i=1; $i<sizeof($fields); $i++) {
           $f= $fields[$i];
           if (strpos($f,"=")===False) $args[strtolower(trim($f))]= True;
           else {
                   list($k,$v)= explode("=",$f,2);
                   $args[strtolower(trim($k))]= trim($v);
       #get charset from argument-array    
       $charset= @$args["charset"];
       if (!$charset) $charset= $wgOutputEncoding;
       #get short-flag from argument-array
       #if short is set, no description text is printed
       $short= @$args["short"];
       #fetch rss. may be cached locally.
       #Refer to the documentation of magpie for details.
       $rss = @fetch_rss($url);
       #check for errors.
       if ($rss->ERROR) {
           return "<div>Failed to load RSS feed from $url: ".$rss->ERROR."</div>"; #localize...
       if (!is_array($rss->items)) {
           return "<div>Failed to load RSS feed from $url!</div>"; #localize...
       #Bild title line    
       $title= iconv($charset,$wgOutputEncoding,$rss->channel['title']);
       if ($rss->channel['link']) $title= "<a href='".$rss->channel['link']."'>$title</a>";
       #Bild items
       if ($short) { #short item list
           foreach ($rss->items as $item) {
                   $href = trim(iconv($charset,$wgOutputEncoding,$item['link']));
                   $title = trim(iconv($charset,$wgOutputEncoding,$item['title']));
                   $output.="<li><a href='$href'>$title</a></li>";
       else { #full item list
           foreach ($rss->items as $item) {
                   $href = trim(iconv($charset,$wgOutputEncoding,$item['link']));
                   $title = trim(iconv($charset,$wgOutputEncoding,$item['title']));
                   #bild description text if desired
                   if ($item["description"]) {
                           $text= trim(iconv($charset,$wgOutputEncoding,$item['description']));
                           #avoid pre-tags
                           $text= str_replace("\r"," ",$text);
                           $text= str_replace("\n"," ",$text);
                           $text= str_replace("\t"," ",$text);
                   else $text = "";
                   $output.="<dt><a href='$href'>$title</a></dt>";
                   if ($text) $output.="<dd>$text</dd>\n";
       return $output;

    from: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Duesentrieb/RSS

    also this version has been extended. See http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Alxndr/RSS !

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