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You can now insert Google Maps into Wiki pages.

This is possible due to the GoogleMapsExtension of Emiller.

Upgraded to version 0.80. Now supports colored zones (polygons), adds a button to the edit page, allows zooming with the mouse wheel, fixes several bugs..

You can now find an "make a map" button next to the other edit buttons , just hit it. ;)



<googlemap> ... </googlemap>


  • width - specifies the width of the map in pixels
  • height - specifies the height of the map in pixels
  • lat - latitude, specifies the location of the center of the map (north or south of the Equator)
  • lon - longitude, specifies the location of the center of the map (east or west of the Prime Meridian)
  • zoom - specifies how far you are zoomed in or out (0=closest, higher numbers = further away, notice that google doesnt provide data closer to 4 or something in many areas, try in preview)
  • type - (legal values are "map", "hybrid", and "satellite"; defaults to hybrid)
  • controls ("small" creates +/- zoom buttons, "medium" has zoom buttons and pan buttons, and "large" has pan buttons with a sliding scale for zoom)


Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

<googlemap width="400" height="400" lat="36.095632" lon="-115.175278" zoom="0" controls="small" type="hybrid">


<googlemap width="400" height="400" lat="36.095632" lon="-115.175278" zoom="0" controls="small" type="hybrid"> </googlemap>

Adding Landmarks[edit]

Now if you want to add landmarks you can do so like this:


<googlemap width="400" height="400" lat="22.566667" lon="77.2" zoom="13" controls="small" type="hybrid">
28.566667,77.2, Delhi
18.96,72.82, Mumbai (Bombay)
13.09,80.27, Chennai (Madras)
22.82,88.2, Kolkata (Calcutta)
  • notice: you can also use wiki syntax, like bracket links inside the landmark description


see on India, it appears that i cant put this here because multiple maps on the same page dont work

Example pages[edit]

Pages this is being used on include: India,Cologne,Nordhorn,Sealand,WikiWiki_Hawaiian_BBQ_Berkeley,Iraq,..

Finding Location Data[edit]

If you want to insert a map and can not find the location data in the right format, for a city go like this: go to the Wikipedia article of that place, and click on the location in the box on the right, you will be directed to kvaleberg.com where you find another direct link to GoogleMaps, there you can copy the lat and lon data right out of the URL in your browser bar.

also see http://gnswww.nga.mil/geonames/Gazetteer/Search/Search.jsp

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