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    Legion of Dynamic Discord

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    Discordians who do not form their own sects, whether they belong to someone else's sect or not, make up the Legion of Dynamic Discord, and may be referred to as Legionnaires. Would-be Discordians are told on page 00032 of the Principia Discordia:

    If you want in on the Discordian Society
    then declare yourself what you wish
    do what you like
    and tell us about it
    if you prefer
    There are no rules anywhere.
    The Goddess Prevails. 

    Episkopos or Legionnaire[edit]

    Episkoposes (acceptable vernacular for the more precise term, Episkopossum)

    An Episkopos of the Discordian Society is one who prefers total autonomy, and creates his own Discordian sect as The Goddess directs him. He speaks for himself and for those that say that they like what he says.

    The Legion of Dynamic Discord

    A Discordian Society Legionnaire is one who prefers not to create his own sect.

    The Legion of Dynamic Discord, or LDD, make up the bulk of Discordia's faithful. The abilities they gain are not nearly as impressive as the mystical might of the POEE and ELF, but they need not observe many of the restrictions placed on POEE members, have far longer average lifespans than ELF guerilla theologians.

    Other LDD acronyms[edit]

    • LDD Little Deluded Dupes
    • LDD Living Dead Dolls
    • LDD Logic Decision Diagram
    • LDD Logistics Decision Diagram
    • LDD Logistics Development Data
    • LDD Long Distance Division (Sprint)
    • LDD Loss, Damage, or Destruction
    • LDD Lotus Developer Domain
    • LDD Lunar Dust Detector


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