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    4/28/04 | <Comparable Discordian date here> [we should hack the wiki to add a $ddate function,to enter the current ddate --mutante]


    Reading Tom Brown Jr. "The Search". Very engrossing read. Not much for expressing thoughts into txt these days. Lease is almost up and change is bubbling. Thinking about going through my belongings and sifting out necessities from the rest which I think I'll give away. Finished Child&Infant CPR. Everyone should learn this stuff.

    Current Needs:

    • Homemade Dream-Catcher (* i work for a company selling large amounts of dreamcatchers, ;) you can contact me if you want to buy -- mutante)

    4/15/04 | Setting Orange, Discord 32, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3170

    "..He talks in maths.....he buzzes like a detuned radio.." or Non-Sequiter Thought Farting

    RabbiNoculars pointed out to me in the recent-future-past that this InVisibles graphic novel cover is an amazing depiction of what he thought it was like, as a writer, to express himself at times. If you have seen the physical cover itself you can discern the gibberish of letters and numbers.

    In other thoughts:

    Do you ever try to remember the days when you're a hypocrite?


    Do you try wipe those days from your memory completely?

    New Old friend from the distant-past-future-present = JoJa

    Created KunDa/ToDoList

    4/13/04 / Pungenday, Discord 30, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3170

    (FrooD#gregorian_erisian_converter  --thanks mate)

    Haven't submitted my taxes yet..bah..bullshit.

    Going to a CPR course now. Need to Poop!!!

    4/9/04 / Prickle-Prickle, Discord 26, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3170

    depth charges

    A close friend of mine has this one line he uses goes as follows "...and you know what really drops a depth-charge in the back of my brain???....". These days the answer to that one is the Frood. His contributions are appreciated.

    Interestingly enough he has taken the bait and now has his own little rant space. Found @ FrooD.

    In other news...

    Cyborg Name Generator (thanks to mutante) Noteworthy names:

    K.U.N.D.A.: Kinetic Upgraded Nocturnal Destruction Android
    F.R.O.O.D.: Functional Robotic Organism Optimized for Destruction
    M.U.T.A.N.T.E.: Mechanical Upgraded Technician Assembled for Nocturnal Troubleshooting and Exploration
    G.E.O.R.G.E.B.U.S.H.: General Entity Optimized for Repair and Gratification
                          / Electronic Biomechanical Unit Skilled in Harm
    P.E.N.I.S.: Person Engineered for Nocturnal Infiltration and Sabotage

    I like 'FrooD's and I think he would identify with mutante's even put it on his buisness card.

    -- ...and here is the EggDrops tcl script to use that page on IRC thru your bot.:..thanks to eRUPT --mutante



    Added by eRUPT on 05:50:52 PM, Saturday April 10, 2004 Added new script Cyborg Name Generator version 0.1

    This script converts a given name into a Cyborg name using the funny engine at www.cyborgname.com

    Requested by mutante, fueled by my BLT.


    Here is to casting of warts more effectively or "How I learned to worry and to love Disknowledge"

    New signals from the FrooD. Signals that are unfamiliar to my verbal-articulate reality. Signals that I experience the frustration from fully in my dreams, in the sub-conscious. Signals that when i try to utter sound like idealist punk-teeny-bopper bunk.

    Here comes the FrooD and lays it down "Sapatula style" (read Spaatchoola).

    I have nothing to add at the moment. I'll be re-reading this for a while.

    Strangely, I feel super-fucking-odd with going to work right now.

    New Signals == Reality Change

    Sweetmorn, Discord 23, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3170

    Frood's snooping around on google specials --

    1. The complete works of the late Douglas Adams in .txt or .zip format.
    2. A collection of ebooks (.txt) the most notable of which are the Dune series by Frank Herbert.

    If only I could find more of Herbert's works online. When you get a chance read "The Whipping Star" and "The Dosadi Experiment"

    >I plan to.

    Frood out.

    Sweetmorn, Discord 23, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3170 [#spatula]

    == Frood's random commentary in the second degree[edit]

    "Thoughts on computer repair"

    I fix computers for a living. I try to fix people as a hobby. contrary to the beliefe of my customers fixing computers invovles very little "Ninja Magia" or "l33t Skillz" or other such garbage notions. Fixing computers requires a good foundation of knowledge and an affinity for logic. fixing computers is easy if you posses common sense. Most people hate computers and technology in general.

    "We just want it to work" or "I don't care how you do it, just make it work"

    The mentality which lets people demand that something perfrom a function for them without knowing or even wanting to know how it functions on the most basic of levels portends the end of the world to me. I'll avoid the apocalyptical machine vs. man mythos for now. (I'm with Herbert on that one, heavily computerized society does not become controlled by computers, it becomes controlled by the people who controll the computers. Butlerian Jihad ensues.) The thing that bothers me about this attitude is that it does not limit itself to technology, but to everything with whose function you cannot be bothered. How can you trust something you don't have the slightest interest in understanding? how can you make demands on a system to function without understanding how it functions?

    I've voiced this opinion with several of my peers and they have all brushed me off with a "People cant know everything" or words to that effect. I dont buy it, How can people be responsible for their actions if they don't know what they are doing? how can you trust a person with access to YOUR confidential information if they are a bunch of blithering idiots who havent the slightest inkling of what they are doing? News stories keep talking about "Hackers" and portraying those technically savvy as some kind of cyber ninjas who sneak past your systems defenses like terrorists at an airport. Again, I don't buy it. anyone knows that you don't have to break the door down if its not locked, the easiest way past a chain of defense is its weakest link, crack that link and everything else falls apart.

    Banks sending out mass e-mails with ALL their clients e-mail addresses in the "To:" line. School/College/corporate employees making confidential data available simply because they do not know how to save things to a proper location. Government agencies failing security audits.

    It's all one big clusterfuck of disknowledge. I'd like to coin that term right now. Disknowledge - <...> (I've tried to come up with a good definition but unfortunately my linguistic compression mechanism is at a lapse. contribute if you like)

    The problem is not limited to technology. People don't even want to know or understand how their own bodies work. western medicine/marketing obscures the conception of bodily functions and physical health to the point of corporate shamanism. "Take This pill, Take that pill, take this one for the side effects of that one". when before you merely had to die misserably now you have to go on a medication wild goose chase. your suffering isnt decreased it merely changes a medium. when you consider all interaction between matter as energy transferance between entities vying for the free energy available within a given system what difference does it make if your loosing health to bacteria or loosing money to hospitals or pharmacies or therapists. Now, while im sure alot of sick and dying people will contest this point and say "It's better to be alive" thats not the point I'm arguing. The point I'm trying to clarify is the complete lack of involvement most people have with their treatment. "If my car is broken, i'll go to the mechanic, if my leg is broken I'll go to the hospital. Someone out there knows what to do" Someone out there..

    I think that when we purposfully and knowingly diminish personal responsibility over what is done with our information/mind/body/soul we are fully responsible for the outcomes of any potential abuse that might follow. And yet when consequences directly linked to peoples inactions come back to bite them on the ass they are always pointing the finger at someone else. "It's not our fault we cant train our employees, we were attacked by HACKERS!" relinquishing responsiblity for your own defense to some big-brother who will supposedly make it all right seems like such a cheesy way to go. why should people be allowed to reap the benefits of something they cant be personally responsible for? Why should you be allowed to survive if your behavior shows not an inability to evolve and learn but UNWILLINGNESS to do so?

    Predators don't care if you cant be bothered to run fast enough.

    I wonder how much medicine out there has sexual side effects. How much misnamed soma products are out there. culling and castrating the herd of humans. I wonder if anyone is keeping track of the decision makers who give you a choice but only within limits of what they have chosen for you. Maybe they should be the only ones allowed to breed. Imagine, a castrate nation where you can only be impregnated legally by those approved for evolution.

    the ability to find a mate and keep it is no longer the right of passage for breeding. the challange of it has diminished to the point of laughability. practically ANYONE can find someone willing to breed with them.

    We have no more predators but we still fear the dark at night, we have no rules against hermitage but fear being 'cast out', we have no real NEED to propogate the species or fight for our young, there are plenty of other humans around to take the next great leap into the future. yet we are still driven by the need for these results. we are still driven by survival oriented GOALS whilst having no survival oriented CHALLANGES.

    Humanity needs a new evolutionary proving ground. Merely using "I make more money than you" isn't enough to designate you as a breeder or decision maker. Sceptics of this idea say "But it works" Yeah, it works. it works within the current given system towards what goal? evolution is not something going towards a set goal, its not a peak your climbing. its not a set destination Evolution is the process to improving how you do a certain thing. Once our enviornment dictated how we evolved, now we controll that enviornment. Whats left to dictate how we evolve? society? financial structures? when you consider the fact that a relativly small amount of people have a VERY large influence if not complete controll over the financial and therfore social systems can you honestly say "They are more EVOLVED than me?"

    Maybe they are. But if they are are we evolving in the right direction? is learning survival skills within our given system enough? should we try and evolve beyond it?

    religion, state, government, they all try to create laws and regulations that require you to function and therfore evolve within a system that THEY DEFINE. You define the laws, you define the system, you define evolution. and while a few shinning stars find ways to overcome those systems they merely create new systems by which followers of their new version of "Freedom" can be enslaved. Example, you use Peer to Peer file sharing networks, your rebeling against the RIAA/MPAA's idea of evolution but conforming to that of those who made those P2P applications. exchanging one system for another in a kind of "stay one step away from the predator"

    Our ancestors didnt stay only ONE step away from the predator, they fucking OWNED it, they kicked its ass so completely we wiped them out and now were the top dogs. If all we've got to throw at ourselves evolution-wise is our own evolutionary belly-aching then where the fuck are we going? Why should we be cajoled into evolutionary apathy by the comforts of our current conditions dictated to us by people who are redirecting our afinity for evolution towards their own ends? What other ends should we pursue? spiritual enlightenment? physio-energetical transcendance? Clarity of thought? complete and total wart removal? Our species has been cast adrift, we have outsmarted nature on all its major fronts to the point where we think we've conquered it within because we've tamed it from without. We have tamed the outside of the cave and now were ignoring the nature inside the cave, of which we are part of. we've removed ourselves from to food chain to do what? Prey on each other?

    I don't buy it. Its not enuogh. I doesn't cut it for me.

    There HAS to be something more.


    Frood Out.



    FrooD brings in-sight (below) from his cave of lizard-thingies. Yet again I read and wonder...where and in what position he thinks these thoughts in. My guess would be while he poops. That's where i do my best thinking.

    In fact that is what I am doing at this moment.


    Everyone's in a high place when you're on your knees.

    == Introducing "Froods Random Commentary"[edit]

    Prickle-Prickle, Discord 16, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3170

    Reading, Stuff. Whizdumb?

    "It's the sides of the mountain which sustain life, not the top. Here's where things grow. But of course, without the top you can't have any sides. It's the top that defines the sides."

    - Robert M. Pirsig - "Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance"

    Frood Commentary: The top of the mountain has life too, only intensified.

    The top of the mountain is subject to the full power of the elements; Sun, Wind, Rain, Snow, Ice, etc. The top of the mountain is life intensified, condensed and pushed to evolve. The top of the mountain is not a goal, It's and apex, like the top of a parabola. It's a state at which everything is at It's most intense, It's an orgasm of circumstance. If you cant maintain the top you go on the slopes with the rest of life that couldnt cut it. The peak is a state, not a place. As any waveform peak it requires you to be able to shift back and forth in a dimention to maintain. Linear movement along a dimention is held precious by "Circle" theorists. Why? Isn't the peak the best part? Are we merely subscribed to the idea of continuity due to our inability to stop or roll back dimentionally? The top does not define the sides just like the top of an arc of pee does not define urinal splashback. the sides are effect of linear movement along a dimention; time, gravity, pick one.

    Reconsider the meaning of

    " S-I-D-E  E-F-F-E-C-T ".

    - Frood - "My mind went 'Kerplunk'. Now what?"

    Cheers K.


    History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have 
    exhausted all other alternatives.

    -- Abba Eban Yet again must i mention:

    = HuManure and SolarEnergy[edit]

    Dammit! How hard is it to see over ones head and right under ones ass?


    reminder to self: chk out this page

    This is fucking wicked awesome!!. (said with heavy boston accent)


    A poor candidate in a state of Darkness

    Finished reading 'The Hiram Key' ISBN 1-931412-75-8. Entertaining read. The end left me hanging, since they do not tell you if they found the scrolls or not. Book was written in '96.



    "Wine is strong, a king is stronger, women are even stronger, but truth will conquer all."


    Fuck the Web or 'how i found YHVH on google'

    Can't code HTML for shit...and i don't know any good apps out there to use to build a frikin page. Pisses me off.

    Comment from Reader: the only app you need to build a page is one good source code editor. If staying to Windows get a copy of UltraEdit (which isnt free,though) or ProTon/Phase5 (which is free) , (hell,even NotePad), in Linux you can use the classic vi , or any editor like joe or pico ) Read the tutorials from W3 (f.e http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Guide/ ), learn using the validator (http://validator.w3.org/) which shows you your errors, and try to make it valid html 4.01 (or ,even better xhtml 1.0) . Also SelfHtml helped me a lot, but looks like theyre not don etranslating to english yet (http://www.selfhtml.org/). yeah,thats about it. Forget any "Website Builder" tool which makes you click on icons and stuff..you dont need it. They will create awful html code and you will have spent your time learning just clicking one specific GUI interface instead of actually writing html. When doing it the right way you will have a plain page that validates and be be seen on any client/platform without problems. and nowadays people want back to basics, aka , pure content anyways.we have all seen enough blinking animated cursors banner stuff..


    FrooD and I made HaiKus


    madrid and aphex twins

    Supposed to be working on a site for an employer of mine, thought i could do it from the library. Can't access the site for some reason. Need a box of my own to work on and from. Using Webmonkey for tutorials and other shit, thank eris for them.

    The deaths in Spain and watching Aphex Twins 'Come To Daddy' video pretty much offset my constructive mood this morning. Thoughts resounding in my head right now:

    • This earth is still very dangerous place to live on
    • "We are living on the planet of the apes!" --RobertAntonWilson

    Wiki stuff: TooL & DubYa


    Paying attention to 23s or "Who is the master who makes 23s appear?"

    Was sifting through the 23 page and came across the following:

    The 23 enigma: captain clark welcomes you aboard!

    (was from disinfo originally)

    the 23 enigma: captain clark welcomes you aboard! by Dave 'daev' Walsh (daev@blather.net) - October 18, 2000

    "Well, we don't have any explanation. We're not into saying, 'This is why'. 
    I don't come to any conclusion. I simply think it's interesting." 
    ~ ~ Genesis P-Orridge, interview in 'Tape Delay' by Charles Neal, 1987. 

    The '23 Enigma', as discovered by William S. Burroughs, presents itself as a good omen for some - disaster for others. Trying to convey the phenomenon to the uninitiated is as easy as describing the night sky to someone who has been blind from birth.

    When Burroughs was in Tangiers, he knew a Captain Clark who ran a ferry over to Spain. One day, Clark told Burroughs that he had been doing the route for 23 years without an accident. That day, the ferry sank . . .that evening, while Burroughs was thinking about the incident, a radio bulletin announced the crash of Flight 23 on the New York-Miami route. The pilot was another Captain Clark!

    Burroughs began to keep a scrapbook of 23s. When writing about Dutch Shultz, he realized that when the New York City gangster had put a contract out on 23-year-old Vincent 'Mad Dog' Coll, who met his end on 23rd St. Shultz himself died on October 23rd, 1935. As Robert Anton Wilson writes in 'Cosmic Trigger', the same night, Marty Crompier, another gangster was shot, but not fatally. "It's got to be one of them coincidences," he told police.

    Speaking of October 23rd, Seventeenth century scholar Archbishop Ussher reckoned that the earth was created on October 23rd, 4004 BC, while the Mayans believed the world will end on December 23rd, 2012.

    Hexagram 23 in the 'I Ching' oracle means "break apart." 23 in telegrapher's code means "break the line." Aleister Crowley defined number 23 as "parting, removal, separation, joy, a thread, and life . . ."

    Parents each donate 23 chromosomes to the fertilized egg . . . the human biorhythm cycle is generally 23 days, and it takes 23 seconds for blood to circulate through the human body.

    And so on . . .

    This inexplicable fascination with 23 has become a mind-virus, seeping into the music of 'Psychic TV', the art of H.R. Giger, the comics of Jamie Hewlett and Grant Morrison, the literature of Robert Anton Wilson, Arthur Koestler, Umberto Eco, and countless others. The pages of the 'Principia Discordia' supply another feast of 23s. It now reached a point where one has to be sharp to differentiate between the 23s meant as signposts for those in the know, and those which appear for no obvious reason, in the damndest of places. The Internet is these days littered with lists of historical and scientific '23s', some of which are not so ` - i.e. mere coincidence, some mind-boggling - beautiful synchronicity.

    The '23 Enigma' has its skeptics - those who say that it's a focusing of attention on just one number. This may be true, but as mentioned above, some folks have fun with 23s - the day-to-day synchronicity that raises a private smile - while for others it can be sheer hell, and we're not just talking about Burroughs' two Captain Clarks. Genesis P. Orridge (his band, 'Psychic TV', released 23 albums on the 23rd of each month for 23 months) told the members of another British band, 'Cabaret Voltaire', about the enigma. They showed interest, but skepticism. Two days later, Genesis received a phone call from them:

    "You bastard! . . . We've come to Holland to do three gigs, and in ever hotel we've had room 23, and the gig on the 23rd was a complete disaster. And everywhere we turn, there are 23s. What have you done?"

    "Well, I did say you'd start noticing it," answered Genesis.


    Hidden Constants

    "There is so much good in the worst of us
      And so much bad in the best of us
     That it doesn't behoove any of us
      To talk about the rest of us."
     --taken from a yahoo newsgroup

    Added GoogleSearchOperators & WeaponsOfMassDestruction


    are you experienced?

    Left the city to the a forest and now back to a greater city. Bought some Muck boots, axed some fallen trees that were felled already. Burning muscle feeling, irritated old knee injury and worked the sinew and tendons in my hands to much. Feels strangely good. Alive.

    Currently reading: The Hiram Key: Pharoahs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus by Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas ISBN 1-931412-75-8

    Current thoughts:

    1. I feel like a slave with "mind forg'd manacles".
    2. Someone is vieing for my attention to change my intention.
    3. That 'collusion' is 'buisness as usual' in the politcal arena of today.
    4. Thinking about doing an anger and fear project on myself to monitor how many times a day i 'lose my shit'.
    5. That most of the commercials on tv are for pharmecuticals, cars, cosmetics and techniques to hide shame, and junk food.

    neat shit: robot dance asian arcade realtime sand art (note this is 18.5MB file)

    Check out some fellows educational little HelloFnord fnord project


    Archeological cortex digging going on

    Weird living these days. Lotts of hard questions and harder answers.

    Aside from that.. some RAW might help...or not. heh.


    Played in the SandBox today. Made PrivacyOnlineAndOffline and changes to TextFormattingRules.



    A new and bandwidth/time/visually organized way to read bLogs. I would try it out but I don't have a computer to work on at the moment. (some links RssNewsfeeds for RSS client) Check it out and drop me a line about it.


    When depression speaks or 'A moment of self-loathing maybe mistakened for an early stage of evolutionary development'

    Verily I say unto you:

    There is stuff "all around and within" that the untrained human brain 
    tries to wrap itself around, ending up in a knot around itself. 

    Are you tired of having an untrained human mind? Well..I am. I'm also tired of mowing back my will the way the mowing down of the forest metaphor in the movie 'Princess Mananoke' illustrated. I'm tired of being divorced from my heart by social scripts and formality. Of not calculating my instincts into the formula of a decision. Tired of the brow-beating, arm-chair quaterbacking/backseat driving, fear driven behavior that I let others project, penetrate and circumvent whatever it is that 'I' am (and likewise, projected from 'Myself' unto others). I am also very tired of the spiritual-materialism involved with self-cultivation.

    I read somewhere, that one of the most unknown fears that people subliminate (besides death and ostracism[definition:to be banished from a group]) is the fear of succeeding and attaining ones dreams. Do you think that is true and what could it be true of in your case/life?


    Butterfly Fractal Power

    Rich a.k.a. RabbiNoculars has proposed a mission.

    Yesterday I went to Walden pond with my roomate. Walden Pond is in Concord, Massachussetts. Made famous by the author and essayist Henry David Thoreau. Between 1845-1847 he undertook an experiment summarized here:

    "I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, 
    to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn
    what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.
    I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; 
    nor did I wish to practise resignation, unless it was quite necessary.
    I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to live so 
    sturdily and Spartan-like as to put to rout all that was not life,
    to cut a broad swath and shave close, to drive life into a corner,
    and reduce it to its lowest terms, and, if it proved to be mean,
    why then to get the whole and genuine meanness of it, 
    and publish its meanness to the world; or if it were sublime, 
    to know it by experience, and be able to give a true account of it in my next excursion."
    -Walden, Ch. 2 "Where I lived and what I lived for" H.D. Thoreau

    What was fascinating is that his work influenced Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King in their interest with non-violence. It reminded me of a book in chaos theory i once read that coined the term "Butterfly Power" where in any system Open or Closed even the most infentismal degree of change can exert an overwhelming change on the system as a whole, eventually over time. It also brought up the different ideas that echo the familiar sentiment that humanity is inter-connected on many levels. 6 degrees of seperation (http://starbulletin.com/2004/02/16/news/story3.html). How in society these days we still are connected to each other through the taxes we pay (unemployment and food stamps etc...).

    Maybe the mission that the rabbi proposes empowers the employment of that butterfly power individuals can exert on a system.


    "...Ah-Whe Ah-Whe Ah-Whe-ehhhhh... 

    http://dns.advnet.net/allan/escovinha/L-Btz3.mpg (note: turn volume up for maximum experience)

    I used to joga (play, dance, spar) Capoeira. I had some great times during my 9 month stint with it. I really miss it. I had a strong bonding affinity to its history, structure and world. I learned what a group of people can create through music, rythm, and movement.

    The first time I participated in a 'roda' (pronounced: Ho-da, meaning 'circle') I sucked!!!! (as does everyone undertaking a new task/reality, but i didn't see that at the time. All I saw was failure in meeting the standards of these practiced and skilled students) I was SO self-conscious and was mortified upon finding out that the place that I took my first class had this rule similiar to the 8th and final rule of Fight Club which went like so: if this is your first night of Capoeira, you have to joga.

    It was a huge circle; tight and compact, with a layered periphery of spectators/participators. You had to sort of push through them to get a better look. The Berimbau started the rythm and like alot of monotonous tribal beats, each instrument successively entered the rythm. Then the clapping started. At this moment, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and i felt a burning sensation going down my spine, like some demon pissing napalm down along it. My mouth felt like it was full of cotton and my eyes sort of relaxed backwards, my head tilted up a bit. A voice broke out in song the rest of the participants replied. Back and forth they went.

    In the middle were to people jumping around the whole circumference, making all these round shaped movements. Kicking, pivoting, spinning, flipping and smiling like cunning devils. Everytime someone made a fantastic maneuver, someone in the crowd acknowledged with a 'aaaaaAAAAIEEEEEEEEE!' yelp. It made my special area tingle lotts when that happend. Many times the music got faster and the air got thicker and more tangible for me. (You can vicariously experience this in the clip above just when the song changes and the Male Capoerista jumps into the roda)

    I don't remember too much after that. I remember participating (even twice) alas it's all a blur to me now. Adrenaline and coping mechanisms have obscured my memory of the ordeal. That day, though, I remember feeling a strong connection to what I thought my ancestors felt in the clan/tribal days. A strong satisfying bond with people that care for you and care about themselves.


    "Can I get-A WITNESS?!?!?!"

    HuManure and SolarEnergy. Time to de-engineer the world.


    A mobile vaccine refrigeration unit


    Cafe De L'Enfer


    Ok..this is a lame attempt to be like a bLog. look at me mom ..look at my 'bLog' ("im in Jail!")

    Goddamn thing wont let me line break like a mensch.

    Im off to the New Yack Shitty this weekend. Wholesome Deep Gray slush to navigate through. It occurs to me that it would prob. resemble a big load of Semen from some diety of great heft that discharged and was sullied from the blasphemous city.



    The "Rat Race" Why do we keep falling for 'it'? I guess I must try to discern how I connects to 'it'. Right now it is via $.

    "...Do you dare to feel responsible for every dollar you lay down..." -Woody Harrelson
    (borrowed from http://voiceyourself.com/03_thoughtsfromwithin/VoiceYourselfPoem.swf 
     a poem composed by Woody himself)

    Foreboding sign?!?

    found this recently looking for KM pics on google.

    RabbiNoculars what does this mean?




    Welcome to my grasciously autonomous digital dynamic space bestowed unto me by a most grascious of strangers ('the kindness of strangers will rekindle hope in your heart') 'mutante' is his moniker.

    May the wind be always at his back.

    I think you can feel free to append any comments and such throughout this wiki.


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