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    To Read[edit]

    1. Male & Female (MargretMead) ISBN:0060934964
    2. Saharasia (JamesDeMeo)
    3. Leave No Trace (HannahNyala) ISBN:0743451716
    4. Biodynamic Gardening for Health & Taste (HilaryWright) ISBN:1840006226

    To Buy[edit]

    1. The back door guide to short-term job adventures : internships, extraordinary experiences, seasonal jobs, volunteering, work abroad / by Michael Landes. ISBN:1580084494
    2. A Language Older Than Words (DerrickJensen) ISBN:1893956032
    3. Cradle to Cradle (WilliamMcDonough MichaelBraungart) ISBN:0865475873
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