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Sanskrit word translates to 'Skull Shining' (or 'Skull Polishing') Breath

It's a Pranayama (4th rung of Patanjali's 8 rung Yogic Science) practice. Khapalabati is not something you jump into off the bat. There is some danger to your health if you do this practice wrong or vigourously or without proper guidance.


  1. Removes excess Carbon Dioxide in body generated from yoga asana practice or any form of exercise.
  2. Creates warmth in body
  3. Creates vitality
  4. A nice lightheaded buzz (skull shining)

Negative Side-Effects:[edit]

Note: The minor ones will show up first if you ignore these early warning systems then the more hardcore symptoms will emerge. If any of these manifet for you stop here and talk to someone knowledgeable about what you're feeling

  • Heavy lightheadedness (take a break..lower the amount of repetitions you are do)
  • Anxious, jumpy, twitchy, paranoid
  • Exaggerated behavior (if you are inclined to get angry you will be more on edge, if you 'keep it all in' you might feel it more emphasized)
  • Psychological Breakdown (as you can see this is not a joke..Breath work effects your nervous-system, and this system needs to be approached respectfully and mindfully)

How to execute:[edit]

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