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'jobs' is a shell built-in command, see Bash

jobs displays the current background jobs/tasks in a Bash shell, standard shell on many Unix based systems like GNU/Linux and BSD derivates.

bash> help jobs

jobs: jobs [-lnprs] [jobspec ...] or jobs -x command [args]

   Lists the active jobs.  The -l option lists process id's in addition
   to the normal information; the -p option lists process id's only.
   If -n is given, only processes that have changed status since the last
   notification are printed.  JOBSPEC restricts output to that job.  The
   -r and -s options restrict output to running and stopped jobs only,
   respectively.  Without options, the status of all active jobs is
   printed.  If -x is given, COMMAND is run after all job specifications
   that appear in ARGS have been replaced with the process ID of that job's
   process group leader.