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    Jimmy Cliff... Reggae Ambassador û the last surviving icon of reggae music, has earned his Musical Innovator, Singer/Songwriter, Actor titles over an illustrious career in the 20th Century and into the 21st.

    The singer was born in St. Catherine, Jamaica, on April 1, 1948, with the less prosaic name James Chambers. His talent was obvious from childhood, and he began his career appearing at local shows and parish fairs. At 14, he felt ready for the big time, moved to Kingston, and took the surname Cliff to express the heights he intended on reaching.





    Jimmy Cliff, eigentlich James Chambers (* 1. April 1948) ist ein jamaikanischer Reggaek�?�nstler, der durch Songs wie "Many Rivers To Cross" aus dem Soundtrack Album "The Harder They Come" bekannt wurde und mit diesen am weltweiten Durchbruch der Reggaemusik beteiligt war.

    The Harder They Come -(Original Recording Remastered) (Soundtrack)

    The Harder They Come - Movie DVD

    Black Magic (2004) 		
    Anthology   (2003) 		
    Humanitarian (2000) 		
    Samba Reggae (1999) 		
    Super Hits (1997) 		
    Reggae Man (1996) 		
    Gold (1994) 		
    Breakout (1992) 		
    Reggae Greats (1991) 		
    Images (1990) 		
    Fundamental Reggae (1987) 		
    Hanging Fire (1987) 		
    Sense Of Direction (1985) 		
    Cliff Hanger (1985) 		
    Cant't Get Enough Of It (1984) 		
    Power And The Glory (1983) 		
    Special (1982) 		
    Give The People What They Want (1981) 		
    House Of Exil (1981) 		
    I Am The Living (1980) 		
    Oh Jamaica (1979) 		
    Unlimited (1977) 		
    Follow My Mind (1976) 		
    Brave Warrior (1975) 		
    Music Maker (1974) 		
    Struggling Man (1973) 		
    The Harder They Come (1972) 		
    Another Cycle (1971) 		
    Wonderful World, Beatiful People (1970) 		
    Give Thanx (1969) 		
    Jimmy Cliff (1969) 		
    Hard Road To Travel (1967) 
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