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    HowTo/Submit spam report and update blacklist

    Attention all Admins aka "slaves to the wiki (by choice)"[edit]

    Not sure we have a page like this already, that either can be renamed or updated, either way i couldnt find it using our wiki search engine(couldnt think of the exact string to use).

    So we've had our first spam attack since implementing the Blacklist features back in 10-22, 8 days of spam free living, fun. Lets learn HowTo/Submit spam report and update blacklist, shall we, mmmmk?

    Congqed.org (not active locally)[edit]

    At chongqed.org is the blessed spamblacklist that we pull from, as do several other wikis, to crossrefference content that is being or has in the past been spammed on wikis. To submit out latest attack which happend on the S23Wiki:About page. We go to The Spam Submission Forum at chongqed.org.

    The Fields[edit]

    The field that are required to be filled out in the form are as follows

    1. URL of your Wiki:
    2. URL of a spammy revision of one wiki page
    3. Spamvertized website(s): (Spamvertized means advertized by spam. Where is the spammer trying to drive the traffic to?)
    4. Keywords used in spam:
    5. URL to a google search reveiling the spam? (Spamvertized wikis can be easily found if you know the URL of the spamvertized website. Just search for links to that site using "link:url" on Google.)
    6. Any comments (e.g, your name and possibly email addy or url if you want recognition on our spammers or supporters page)?

    We currently DO NOT have the chongqed blacklist loaded. It is not compatible to the mediawiki format, and needs to be converted manually with a bashscript. see here.

    How to update our active blacklist[edit]

    We currently read blacklists from 2 locations, locally and from the wikimedia blacklist.

    Local admins can add here for blocks that take effect immediately.

    Local users can add here to request additions (or removals) from the spam blacklist.

    Everybody can add requests for addition to the wikimedia spamblacklist (but only wikimedia admins can make them effective)

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