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  • We need to have a system to ensure that we only make one submission per spam attack, and not multiple submission by different admins. How do you suggest we do this?
    • what about a short note like "reported to blacklist" when despam it? so we all can see it in the recent changes
    • it is very important to have a clear process to remove accidential entries to that list with an easy way in for those who want something removed.
      • SO FAR, not to my knowledge has anyone made a submission for [1]
  • Been having some trouble filling out the required fields (3,4, and 5) for the Submission form, not sure how to
    • isolate the urls from the Wiki markup..some regex script? (To put into the 3rd field of the Submission form
    • do a google pagerank check (i.e. link:url for the 5th feild in the Submission form), for each link or is there a main url to use? that would be really time consuming to do a pagerank check on all spammed variations of the URL esp. when their are many like in: [2]

All the above relates to adding to the blacklist. That blacklist needs to be converted with a bash script to be compatible to the mediawiki format. For that reason we currently dont have it loaded here. See the article where you can add though. mutante 16:22, 30 October 2005 (CET)