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How to live without a soundcard[edit]

Dont have a (working) soundcard but need a few signals, like a beep when a message arrives in your jabber client , a highlight in your irc client or when email arrives?

In Debian, get apt-get install beep. In other Linux distributions or other OSes, install beep manually.

Then you can make a shell script, for example in bash, create a new text file with any text editor like vi or joe.[edit]


beep -f 523 -l 300
beep -f 10000 -l 500
beep -f 880 -l 1000
-f is the frequency of the tone in Hertz

-l is the duration of the tone in millisecond

check out details on man beep.

Play with the options, you could even compose your own music with this ;)

Even without beep program[edit]

If you dont want to use the beep program, you can even live without that, using:

echo -e "\007" >/dev/tty10

And on Windows (type Ctrl-G for the ^G):

echo "^G"

Use executable script as player command[edit]

When finished you make the executable through:

chmod +x

and finally you can enter something like


as the player command in the settings of your Psi jabber client or according application that allows setting a custom player command on incoming events.


Beep for Linux and Windows

Manual for beep (man beep)