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  1. The twenty-third letter of the Classical Greek and Modern Greek, the twenty-forth letter of Old Greek and Ancient Greek Alphabet.
  2. In mathematics (Ѱ, ѱ) is the angle between the tangent and the x-axis in the intrinsic coordinates system.
  3. The lower-case letter ψ is used as the symbol for the wave function in quantum mechanics.
  4. In high-energy physics, Ψ refers to a meson also called the J/Ψ particle. It is an unstable neutral/uncharged fundamental particle of the meson group that has a mass about 6,000 times the mass of an electron. See Wikipedia:List of subatomic particles#Mesons.
  5. Psi is also a popular Jabber client.
  6. Psi was also a character on the popular game and television series, Pokémon.
  7. The Italian Socialist Party (Partito Socialista Italiano)
  8. Pounds per square inch (PSI).
  9. It has come to be a symbol for (para)-psychology-related topics, and has also been used as a shorthand for supposed psychic or psionic abilities or powers.

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