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    We all get them..
    and what is the first thing we are taught to do?
    Pop that pill

    Well..do you ask yourself why did you get a heachache?
    If the body can take care of so many systems within it simultaneously.. there is a certain intelligence to it..why don't you listen closer? A headache indicates that something is wrong..its saying 'HEY ANYONE OUT THERE? THERE'S A PROBLEM HERE AND IT CAN'T BE NEGLECTED ANYMORE'

    Here are some reasons why one would get a headache (according to my experience):

    • Dehydration - Usually this is the main reason, we all forget to hydrate periodically
    • Constipation - For some reason when the Gastro-Intestinal system is locked up...the by-product is a headache. Bowel Movements are vital, and should never be neglected.
    • Pinched Upper back and Neck Muscles - feel if your Trapezeus muscle (huge muscle starting from neck triangles to both shoulders and then triangles a ways down on the spine) is really tight. Give yourself a 15 minute self-massage or have someone give you one.

    Other reasons:

    • Hangover - You were a moron and like all the other vows never to drink again you broke it and now..here you are again suffering. Hangovers are partly 20% caused by dehydration AND 80% caused by human folly.
    • Other medical problems - Consult your doctor/Homeopath/whatever to help you trouble-shoot this problem further
    • Crossing your eyes too much - Try do it in new ways and see if the headache stops. Ever tested doing it infront of a mirror, reduces some headache if you can help your eyes finding something commonly similar to rest both your eyes visions on (not the same focus point but still similar).


    Sticking a finger right and left to the sides of the head above the eye and turning in circles slowly usually helps me with headaches. Also drinking a lot of water (see Dehydration above,its really a common reason).

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