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    Bowel Movement

    The most overrated pleasure in life is sex; the most underrated pleasure is a good bowel movement. -Hemingway

    Das Vergnügen, das im Leben am meisten überbewertet wird, ist Sex. Das Unterbewerteteste ist ein gehöriger Schiss. -Hemingway

    How to fascilitate a Bowel movement?


    • Hot water,
    • 1/4 lemon squeezed,
    • pinch of salt (Kosher and non-iodized)


    • Mix in a mug
    • Drink
    • Do some lower back stretches: Cobra, Boat, Bridge
    • and Agni Sara
    • and/or Khapalabati breathing
    • If you still can't go then do the last resort Peacock pose. This will get you Intestines flowing (also will unclog a mucous stuffed nose)


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