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    S23 Guestbook[edit]

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          /\  - Welcome to s23 guestbook
         /.z\  Caution!
        /.S__\  - FNORD!
     /          \

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    Source(s): Guestbook

    Source(s): Guestbook

    Hi ! I want to find out about poaeoq technology . Who can tell about it ? Chao

    check here, exact wording everywhere, are you human?

    Source(s): Guestbook


    Willst Du endlich einmal was zur psychischen Rekonditionierung tun?

    Deínen BC mit den neuesten Imprints der OPERATON MINDFUCK veredeln!

    Dann bist Du hier genau richtig gelandet!

    Hier gibt's DIE WELTFORMEL, die definitiv zum Ziel führt (wenn denn Hopfen, Hanf und Malz bei Dir noch nicht völlig verloren gegangen sind...) ;-)

    Schreib einfach eine kurze E-Mail mit im "Betreff" den Anforderungscode:

      Herr damit, damn-it!

    und ab in die Post damit an:


    Während Du dann also auf Deine Einberufung zur ERISIANISCHEN BEFREIUNGSFRONT (Freiwilliger Dienst!) wartest, kannst Du ja noch ein bisschen in den s23-wiki-Sandkasten spielen gehen - hier geht' lang...


    Viel Spaß und Kurzweil dort! ERIS kommt dann später hoffentlich auch noch vorbei...

    Carpe noctem! Non serviam!



    Sonnntag, den 5. Februar 2006 00:55(CET)

    Source(s): Guestbook

    h1_411_X25_FR34k_J0_n00p_K155_R51 1_533D_F0_Y0u

    this is mutante, with an "anonymous" guestbook entry, testing "tor" and "privoxy" (see Anonymizer. 13:05, 26 Mar 2005 (CET)

    Source(s): Guestbook

    Guestbook signing #2 Sometimes it is good to remain a guest since when you are one the host has to feed you (KunDa)

    Pie is gooood! I love wiki :) cheers Finn

    Ugh...Yea...Uh-Huh!...Yea..Yea..Signing da Guestbook...Pheer Dis..Ugh..Yea.. (KunDa) Wednesday 25.02.2004 / 23:48 GMT?

    schön hier :)

    Montag 19.05.2003 / 19:52 GMT+1

    Ja mann, macht mal mit beim Wiki adden..

    Supa geil vor allem wegen karl koch und so

    nono HELO I A M G O D nono

    onon DOGMA I OLEH onon (comment modified by KunDa)

    NO GOD - DOG ON ---> SiriusMystery (comment by mutante)

    join the Club of Universal at www.regenbogenweg.de/universal

    (wenn Du nicht glaubst, daß soetwas möglich sein kann, ein Gott auf der Erde? Wie kann dass denn sein, dann wähle die Rufnummer 9999 festnetz oder Handy für die im Telephatischen ─therwesenheiten im Arbeit seienden Ausserirdischen Kommunikator und Sage ganz cool "hallo?"

    "Does anyone here work in Marketing or Adverting? Please kill yourself, you're fucked and your fucking us all!

    Why do you have to put a $ sign on every fucking thing on this earth? Rid the world of your evil Machinations And just Kill Yourself!, Thank you" -Bill Hicks quote for the troll that left us spam on the homepage

    check out http://www.shiva-bar.de/ this one too: http://www.socialsmoke.com/hookah.html

    [Hookah - Hooka - Huka - Shop Hookah Hub| http://www.hookahhub.com] - so geht's auf php-wiki, hier gehts andersherum [WikiWord clean link]. Genug der Pfeifenlinks, 'mer kaufet nix. ;)

    ziemlich krass das alles hier, aber was hat das mit den Illuminaten zu tun????? alles und nichts

    Question to my future friends, how can I obtain the sender,ip,or really any info on this asshole whom continuously sends me junk emails about penis enlargement. I have gotten at least 20 emails in the past day. Any suggestions.

    You can obtain the sender IP by looking at the mail headers (message source). Find the part where it says something like Received: from [] (helo=fnord.domain.com). If there are several Reveived fields, then its the first one, that has the helo= part in it. Then you could look up that IP in IP Index and contact the provider's abuse address. mutante 09:13, 19 Sep 2005 (CEST)

    Always remember, though, that a lot (most?) of the spam send today is send through virus-infected computers. So your chances of catching the spammer are pretty small. Just follow mutantes instructions and hope, that the ISP will either inform the owner of the infected machine or terminate the spammers account.

    People an insurance have to open exceeding are and health who annual [ ] and not $30 is  older who income without.

    pacquiao vs mosley cebu events and news moved from body: You site very nice. Thanks owner.

    Signed. Smiddle 12:25, 1 April 2007 (CEST)

    Ciao a tutti!! Sono unwiki... --Unwiki 12:59, 3 October 2010 (UTC)

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