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Grant Morrison is an interesting fellow, and quite a good storyteller. Nay, an amazing story teller. His comic book writing is 'high up there'. Morrison has really raised the bar on complexity, innovation and brilliance when it comes to the comic book medium. We aren't just talking generic old superman and crime-fighting characters anymore. The industry has matured and blossomed into a quite wonderful and new myth-creating characters/stories/situations.

Born sometime in the 60's in Glasgow, Scotland; one of the poorest cities in europe, in his words, he discovered writers like Robert Anton Wilson, Philip K Dick and Aleister Crowley at the age of 18 or so.

At one point, after making a name for himself in the comic book world; one of the projects he undertakes is called "The Invisibles". It was a 6 year long project that seemed to change his life. He talks about this in a Disinfonation Convention hosted in '02 in new-york city by

The following is a transcript of the that speech.