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    Also known as "The Beast" and "666"

    He was many different people to many different people:

    • A mischievous trickster sorcerer
    • A teacher
    • Corruptor of morals and perpetrator of atrocious acts
    • A Heroin junkie
    • The Devil incarnated
    • much more

    New Falcon Press carries many of Crowley's books and also books about him. Alan Watts, Robert Anton Wilson, Phil Hine and many more have been intrigued by his work. A background in the sciences esp. Scientific Theory and Logical deduction and discernment coupled with background knowledge of many religions and their intricacies and a fit body with an established daily routine of exercise and breathing exercise was a pre-requisite to learn crowleyian magik.

    Magik is not a toy or a way to attain spiritual materialism. It is another system that provides a means to percieve 'Reality' differently and access that deeper potential, that is our birthright, our species has. Of course there will be those that are enamoured by the fruits of magik, the side show tricks and impressive feats that defy known laws of physics. There are many warnings about the repercussions of abusing these powers, are they warranted or are they mere taboos to keep the modern joe/jane disinterested?

    Either way, Chapel Perilous is that stop one makes when any spiritual path is chosen. Mental institutions are not unfmaliar to the likes of folks who dallied with magik and lost all bearing on how to participate and re-relate to their fellow man. Like acting, spirituality at times can be a form of controlled schizophrenia. You are different people/personalities depending on who you hang out with and where. That is why a (genuine) teacher is so important.

    Crowley fashioned his own way and left in his wake broken lives of people who associated with him. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" was his motto. He died 72 years old, having used heroin for many decades on doctors prescription, originally because of asthma. Of course, that was back in the day when many, now illegal, drugs were used as medication. He died penniless having survived the last years on the favour of friends. Dont be superficial. "But do no harm" should be tacked on to the end his Crowley's motto.

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