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Bands and Artists that have Seti23 members in them or are friends to them:


Bushkilla - Flyer23

Bushkilla (Schiefer Reggae Product.)

next Gig @ http://www.ajzbahndamm.de:

Grooving Inspiration[edit]

Grooving Inspiration ( Bergisch Island Reggae)

Crew of G. with David Rodigan


The International Crew Of Ganja (Reggae Dancehall Soundsystem)


Querfaelltein (Gitarren-Musik aus Lindlar)

Last und Galle[edit]

Last und Galle

Last & Galle (Electronic Avantgarde)

Elektronische Nischenmusik



NiJuSan (PunkRock aus WK)


DJ's: DenimDeamon & SirKarls (@ Stereo Wonderland) Catfish (@ AJZBahndamm)

Zehn Meter Feldweg[edit]

Zehn Meter Feldweg (Rock aus Hamburg)

World Downfall[edit]

World Downfall - Live

World Downfall (Death Grind Fucking Metal)

Fanatic Five[edit]

Fanatic Five (die Rockband aus Irsch)

Skew Siskin[edit]

Skew Siskin (played on Motörhead Tour)

one dimensional man[edit]

one dimensional man, Italienische Band

Susanne Riemer[edit]

Trompeterin Susanne Riemer

sowie das Susanne Riemer Quartet

Laszlo Panic[edit]

Laszlo Panic

a punk band from Cologne (free concert on Nov, 18th 2006)

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