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    This wiki page is born out of a subjective observation. It is limited in scope due to the authors Reality Tunnel, absorbed and assimilated information gathered throughout the authors day-to-day life experience which includes: reading, discussion, some empirical experiences, some theoretical experiences, some ideological experiences, and some fictitional/fantasy experiences (not on-purpose).

    Can we all look at this and not: "Uh-huh" <nod> & <sigh>

    There is something fundamentally wrong with living in the way depicted in this cartoon. Yet, how many of us do live like this and call it 'Buisness as usual' ?

    Another question:
    The way you live your life, is it conduscive to your health?
    Due to the speed at which one is forced to operate and live life at, there is no time to really understand or hear what the body is trying to tell/warn. Headaches, Exaustion, burn-out, hyperactivity, hyper-freneticness, diarrhea, constipation, horrible body odor (the very offensive kind), low-immunity to colds/fevers/virii-infections etc... these seem (at least to the author) like very clear and definitive signs that the body is communicating to the mind that something is wrong. But instead of 'Taking care of buisness' and getting down to the root of the problem, many of us take medicines to deal with the symptoms. There is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine axiom that addresses this approach called "Locking the thief within the house". Getting rid of our immediate pain/discomfort and in the process 'killing the message' that our body is trying to communicate through.

    Note: Most people are really de-sensitized when they read the word 'HEALTH'. This is understandable. Health is like a wildcard that is constantly pulled and used to motivate people to become consumers. It is associated with fear of death, we all know death is a reality we are all going to deal with, but we put it aside because we do not no how to deal with it. Marketing and Advertising techniques exploit this exact fear.

    Health is strongly connected to content and happiness. It's hard to understand this fact until one is suffering from a lack of health. If you get injured or become ill, your freedom to do things starts to lessen. You are limited, your freedom is suffering as well.

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