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    A variant of the Geek Code for Discordians.

    "23ae.com is the home of The Discordian Code, originally written by Mark D. Carabas. Similar to Geek Code, it is different only because everyone knows Discordians are not geeks but instead very popular, beautiful people.

    So far, these are the versions of the code that are available. For any changes or suggestions, you can try to email the Mark D., but he seems to have fallen off the face of the internet. Suggestions sent to Happy Fun Ball or Prince Mu-Chao will be added (eventually)."

    DLU = Lurker. A Discordian voyeur, this is not very common as lurkers rarely speak or do much of anything except watch.
    !D = Non-Discordian. I’m not sure why a non-Discordian would have a Discordian Code, but I’m trying to be all-inclusive.
    DBOB = A Subgenius posing as a Discordian.
    DAN = An anarchist Discordian, given to political action.
    DPROF = Either a Professor of Discordianism, or a Discordian for profit.
    DOT = Discordian Old Timer. Someone who has been around for EVER.
    DADA = Those really surrealist types. Sometimes called “rutabaga�? Discordians.
    D- = The highest grade I got in high school.
    DCM = Discordian of Chaos Magick (or Magic, Magik, Majix, etc…)
    DIT = An Internet Discordian. Someone who is only Discordian when they are at the computer.
    DFM = A famous or infamous Discordian, not many of them but what the heck. And you better be REALLY famous.
    DED = A Dead Discordian who can’t spell.
    DPH = A philosophical or intellectual Discordian.
    DPA = Pagan Discordian.
    DO = Discordian of Other. Some types of Discordians deviate from the normal Discordian activities. This is encouraged as true Discordians come from all walks of life.
    DU = Discordian of Unemployed.
    D! = Discordian of no qualifications. A rather miserable existence, you would think, though a rather popular one.
    DAT = Discordian of All Trades, for those Discordians that can do anything and everything. DAT usually precludes the use of other descriptors.

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