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The Geek Code is basicly a (small) part of Internet history. When I did the first incarnation of the code back in '93, it was as a lark. Eventually, it evolved into the form you see online now and has remained virtually unchanged since that time.

The following is an example Geek Code. If you are interested in a particular category, click on the letter and you will be sent to the explanation for that letter.

GED/J d s:++>: a-- C++(++++) ULU++ P+ L++ E---- W+(-) N+++ o+ K+++ w--- O- M+ V-- PS++>$ PE++>$ Y++ PGP++ t- " +++ X++ R+++>$ tv+ b+ DI+++ D+++ G++++ e++ h r-- y++**

    GB --- Geek of Business 
    GC --- Geek of Classics 
    GCA -- Geek of Commercial Arts 
    GCM -- Geek of Computer Management 
    GCS -- Geek of Computer Science 
    GCC -- Geek of Communications 
    GE --- Geek of Engineering 
    GED -- Geek of Education 
    GFA -- Geek of Fine Arts 
    GG --- Geek of Government 
    GH --- Geek of Humanities 
    GIT -- Geek of Information Technology 
    GJ --- Geek of Jurisprudence (Law) 
    GLS -- Geek of Library Science 
    GL --- Geek of Literature 
    GMC -- Geek of Mass Communications 
    GM --- Geek of Math 
    GMD -- Geek of Medicine 
    GMU -- Geek of Music 
    GPA -- Geek of Performing Arts 
    GP --- Geek of Philosophy 
    GS --- Geek of Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.) 
    GSS -- Geek of Social Science (Psychology, Sociology, etc.) 
    GTW -- Geek of Technical Writing

    GO --- Geek of Other. Some types of geeks deviate from the normal geek activities. This is encouraged as true geeks come from all walks of life. 
    GU --- Geek of 'Undecided'. This is a popular vocation with incoming freshmen.

    G! --- Geek of no qualifications. A rather miserable existence, you would think.

    GAT -- Geek of All Trades. For those geeks that can do anything and everything. GAT usually precludes the use of other vocational descriptors.

Add your geek codes below if you like.

also see: Discordian Code

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