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    1980, England. After the Sex Pistols demise. ... The turntables seemed to be dominated by one band's endlessly spinning vinyl black circles which emitted the gutteral sounds from Britain's most visual, thunderous and influential reigning kings who broke Hardcore's soundbarrier: Discharge!


    Consisting of: Cal(voice,) Roy 'Rainy' Wainwright(bass,) Tony 'Bones'(lead) and Terry 'Tezz' Roberts(Bones' twin on drums, who originally was on vocals during their inception, replacing the skinsman named Hacko.)



    For how long do we tolerate these fools drunk with power

    Drunk with power obsessed with death

    Death and destruction drunk with power

    A giant game of chess they play with you and I as the disposable pieces



    Punk mit Oberlippenbart , Rarität ! *g*

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