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    http://www.tagesthemen.de/styles/container/image/style_images_default/0,1307,OID3202618,00.jpg http://www.rantisi.net/images/5.jpg

    Read Wikipedia:Armageddon then read below:

    Using another perspective, coincedentally a more optimistic one, Armageddon can be a totally misunderstood concept. There is an Native American saying that goes "Today is a good day to die". Usually when you hear that you make the association of a warrior getting ready for battle, the proud and sacrificial gesture in the name of honor and for the highest cause: preservation of the tribe. BUT using the same associative Native American theme, what if its not the warrior but a medicine man/woman? What if this shaman is about to go through an ego sacrifice? Losing all association with the external world and with ones self-image, going through some trial or test and returning differently, with a new reformed sense of self?

    • What if this Armageddon is just a metaphor for a very illustrative transmutation of the physical self?
    • Trascending in to a "higher/deeper/more profound" form of existance?
    • That the "battle" is the internal conflict and eventually alchemical heat forging INTERNAL change?

    The book of revelations can be read many ways. It is filled with profound symbols. Anytime I come across any scriptures that have rich in symbols and parables, i always have a nagging feeling it has a deeper meaning. A meaning only understood to those who are initiated in to that exclusive secretive sect (Which more and more are surfacing these days like: [[|Freemasonry|Freemasons]], Rosicrucians, Kabbalists, Sufi and more). For example you read Kabir like a poetry book and you will make sense of it one way, now read Kabir after you have had some background knowledge about Yogic Science and the way the human body is percieved; Suddenly a new level/tier of interpretation appears. It's the same with James Joyce and his writing, Michaelangelo, or Nostradamus, or many other that throughout history wrote down their thoughts in a coded form as to not rouse too much suspicion and create alot of attention for themselves (for fear of persecution, or notoriety etc...)

    Of course, Armageddon, could also be the dry word-for-word story of what is to come. If so, then would it be better to live with a sense of wonderment and rapture then to live a life cowering full of fear of inevitable death?

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