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Über Blinken XMMS[edit]

Das blinken_xmms ist ein Spectrum-Analyser-Plugin für den Multimedia Player Xmms. Es sendet UDP-Pakete an eine konfigurierbare IP Adresse im EBLP - extended Blinkenlights protocol mit 8x18 Pixeln. Die Ausgabe kann z.B. mit lldrv auf ein BlinkenLEDsPro umgeleitet werden.

Blinkt zu D&B Musik Konfigurations GUI
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Den Quellcode für das XMMS-Plugin habe ich mit Hilfe von Workshop: Vis-Plugins in XMMS und XMMS Plugin tutorial at erstellen können. Desweiteren waren Informationen zum EBLP - extended Blinkenlights protocol sehr nützlich. Der "Rechen-Kern" für die Visualisierung entspricht dem des spectrum Plugins.

Jetzt mit Graustufen und Konfig-GUI!

About Blinken XMMS[edit]

Blinken_xmms is a spectrum-analyzer plugin for the multimedia player Xmms. It sends UDP-packets to a configurable IP adress using the EBLP - extended Blinkenlights protocol with 8x18 pixels. The output can be redirected to a BlinkenLEDsPro device using lldrv.

The source code for this XMMS-plugin has been created with the help of Workshop: Vis-Plugins in XMMS and XMMS Plugin tutorial at Furthermore information about the EBLP - extended Blinkenlights protocol was helpful. The core for the visualization is identical to the spectrum plugin.

Now with shades of grey and config-GUI!

Install & Use[edit]

Download source[edit]

Save all files to an empty directory.

Blinken_XMMS.c ! Save to: Blinken_XMMS.c !

blinken_xmms.h ! Save to: blinken_xmms.h !

configure.h ! Save to: configure.h !


Within the directory to which you saved the three files, type:

 gcc -Wall --shared `xmms-config --cflags` -o Blinken_XMMS.c

U may need to install the XMMS development lib and headerfiles xmms-dev in order to compile. As root type e.g.

 apt-get install xmms-dev


as root type:

 install `xmms-config --visualization-plugin-dir`

Use it[edit]

  • Start xmms as usual (or for debuging reasons from the console by typing xmms - if this isnt anyway your usual method to start xmms ;)).
  • Right-click in the xmms-window. A popup-menu should appear.
  • Choose "Visualisierung" and then "Visualisierungs-Plugins". A settings-window should appear.
  • Choose - if not already selected - the tab "Visalisierungs-Plugins" in this settings-window.
  • There should be a new entry "Blinken_XMMS []" within the list of "Visualisierungs-Plugins". Select it by clicking on it.
  • Activate the radio-button in the lower right corner of the settings-window labeled "Plugin verwenden" by clicking on it.
  • Click the configure-button in the lower left corner of the settings-window labeled "Konfigurieren".
  • A new window "Blinken XMMS configuration" should appear now. Enter the IP and port of your blinkendevice or the host where your blinkensoftware (e.g. BlinkenLib or BlinkenApplet) is running.
  • Click "Ok" to close the window "Blinken XMMS configuration" - if xmms is playing music right now your blinkendevice should already receive blinken-frames :)
  • Click "Ok" to close the settings-window.


  • enjoy the new blinkenstream
  • give us feedback :-)

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