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    BBCode Extra[edit]

    [BBCodeXtra] is an extension, compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Suite, which adds to the context menu new commands to insert BBCode/HTML/XHTML codes in an easy and fast way.

    BBCodeXtra suits well with all forum types, for example:

       * phpBB
       * Invision
       * vBulletin

    This extension can really simplify your life with all forums that use BBCode or Html codes when posting new messages.


    I am currently trying to modify [BBCode Extra] to add wiki code to it.


    I have made a page for testing the wiki code i create bbcx.wiki.test

    Code snips[edit]

    these are some quick changes i made to test how the extension works... File:bbcodextra.jar -->


    		//Wiki SECTION  ===TEST BY DrOwl==
    		      case "mwikibold":
            		bbcodextra.insertAtCursor("\"\"" + str + "\"\"");


              <menuitem id="html-context-bold" style="font-weight: bold;" label="&bbcodextra.bold;" oncommand="bbcodextra.bbcodextra('htmlbold',null);"/>
    		   <menuitem id="mwiki-context-bold" style="font-weight: bold;" label="wiki.&bbcodextra.bold;" oncommand="bbcodextra.bbcodextra('mwikibold',null);"/>
               <menuitem id="html-context-italic" style="font-style: italic;" label="&bbcodextra.italic;" oncommand="bbcodextra.bbcodextra('htmlitalic',null);"/>


    The above changes seem to have worked they probused the "" around the word Bold in the test page (not the right wiki code but =). I seem to be haveing a problem with ziping up the .jar god know why, it worked the first time. --DrOwl 07:16, 22 February 2007 (CET)

    Hi DrOwl, i had already tried to find the source for that .xpi file in order to add more syntax. But first i had a hard time finding the actual source, and then i found wikipedia.movdev. Did you know that existed, too? mutante 13:48, 23 February 2007 (CET)

    Road map[edit]

    Add basic wiki codes: ''Itlic'', '''Bold''', [[Internal_links]], [external_links], == headings ==, Sig --~~~~

    Add more advanced wiki codes: [[Internal links]], [external links], tables

    Get the original developers to make the extension work from an formated file instead of hard coded function's e,g

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