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A very good and open source Internet Application Suite.

The complete Mozilla Suite contains a [WWW]-browser, an Email-client, an IRC-client, bug reporting client (bugzilla) and more.

But it may be better to rather install the available stand-alone applications: Firefox as browser, Thunderbird for Email and a better irc client than Chatzilla.

Firefox and Thunderbird are both 1.0 now!






Mozilla ports to other systems::

   *  Fizzilla, a port to MacOS X using Carbon instead of Cocoa (Yellow Box)
   * OS/2, a port to the IBM's OS/2 operating system.
   * BeOS, a port to the Be operating system.
   * Irix, a port to the Irix operating system.
   * OpenVMS, a port to the OpenVMS operating system.
   * Troll Tech ported the Unix front-end to their product, the Qt toolkit (another Motif alternative.)
   * Jazilla is an OpenSource Java based development project aiming to create a web browser in pure Java. The code and most of the design is based on Mozilla, the open-source version of Netscape Navigator.
   * Far more interesting on the Java front is Steve Wynne's page investigating the task of plugging a free Java implementation back in to Mozilla (Outdated from Internet Archive).
   * mozAmiga, a port to the new Amiga DE (Digital Environment).
   * Rozilla is a porting effort for the Acorn RISC OS platform.

also see: Firefox,Thunderbird,Iceweasel,Seamonkey