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    Antisect were formed in 1982 in Daventry, Northants, UK.


    The founder members were:

    Pete (Lippy) Lyons - Guitar/Vox
    Pete (Polly) - Drums
    Renis (Wink) Rekiki - Bass
    Pete (Little Pete) Boyce - Vox.

    The line up changed slighty over the years, to include:

    Lawrence - Let me know?????
    Rich Hill- Vox (Boyce was also on Vox)
    Caroline Wallis- backing Vox
    Tom Lowe (ex - Varukers) - Bass
    and finally John Bryson - Bass/Vox.


    What is your purpose?
    Who is your god?
    Who owns your mind?
    What path do you follow?
    For whom do you speak?
    Which mask do you wear?
    Who draws your line?
    What is your weakness?
    Where lies your love?
    What are your dreams?
    Where are your standards?
    What keeps you going?
    How large is your prison?
    What breeds your hate?
    Where do you hide?
    Where are your strengths?
    What are your nightmares?
    When do you cry?
    How high are your walls?
    What is your weapon?
    How far can you see?
    What is your truth?
    Where are your values?
    What brings you joy?
    For whom do you bleed?
    Which way do you turn?
    What carries your burden?
    How large is your prison?
    How deep in your search?
    Who is your slave?
    How bright is your flame?
    Where is your future?
    What do you offer?
    What are your barriers?
    Who owns your mind?
    What is your shield?
    What do you steal?
    What is your justice?
    Who is your martyr?
    Where is your corner?
    What is your liberty?
    What is your peace?
    What is your purpose?
    Where lies your faith?
    Why was your past?
    Who do you opress?
    Why do you care?
    What is your bondage?
    What do you use?
    How high are your walls?
    Where is your reason?
    Where is your enemy?
    How much can you take?
    What is your wisdom?
    What breeds your hate?
    For whom do you suffer?
    What is your scapegoat?
    What do you argue?
    What is your fear?
    What is your cause?
    What is your answer?
    How long have you got?
    What is the time ...?
    It's time for a change
    - 1983 -

    Can we hear a sample of this track? -KunDa

    Antisect is also one of our IRC bots.

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