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Antisect is an IRC bot of the Eggdrop variety.

It is running a selfmade script that can access this Mediawiki.

<@AntiSect> S23-Wiki script by mutante. Here are the triggers, mutante

<@AntiSect> .title <string> - SEARCHes for a string in page TITLE (Alias .find)

<@AntiSect> .content <string> - SEARCHes for a string in the page CONTENT (Alias .full)

<@AntiSect> .display <page> - SHOWs the CONTENT of a wiki page (currently firsti 120 chars)

<@AntiSect> .rc - SHOWs the last 5 CHANGES on the Wiki (Recent Changes)

<@AntiSect> .popular - SHOW the most POPULAR wiki pages (hit count)

<@AntiSect> .sysops - SHOW the wiki SYSOPS

<@AntiSect> .stats - SHOW the wiki STATISTICS

<@AntiSect> .teach <page> - Bonus Trigger: Teach padma (infobot) about <page> ;)

<@AntiSect> .help - SHOW this HELP message

to be extended...

New SQL queries[edit]

Get recent changes:

select rc_title,rc_comment,rc_user_text,rc_timestamp from recentchanges order by rc_timestamp asc limit 3;

Get most popular page(s):

select page_id,page_title,page_counter from page order by page_counter limit 5;

Search in content:

select page_title from searchindex join page on page_id=si_page where si_text LIKE "%Vorbis%";

Display content (searchtext,plain without wikisyntax)

select left(si_text,180) as si_sum from searchindex join page on page_id=si_page where page_title="Ogg";


< avar> mutante: use recentchanges < Duesentrieb> mutante: :select <stuff> from page join revision on rev_page_id = page_id where <foo>

select page_id,page_title,page_counter from page join revision on rev_id = page_id where page_title LIKE "Sandbox" limit 1;

Latest content:

SELECT old_text,old_flags FROM `text` order by old_id desc LIMIT 1;

Full Script[edit]

The nickname[edit]

Antisect was a british hardcore-punk band in the 1980ties.