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    Youth of Today

    the best high-jumping, Go! screaming, finger pointing straight edge band.

    Youth of Today would become one of the most important figures of the mid-'80s straight-edge scene. Following in the footsteps of Minor Threat, the band would deliver both searing rockers as well as deeper, more textured tunes. The act would disband, by 1990, however, with siner Ray Cappo leaving the music world to study Hare Krishna philosophy, while guitarist Porcell would form Judge. Both would eventually reunited in Cappo's Krishnacore outfit, Shelter.

    About / some facts:

    Band name: "It was an Abused song. It was also mentioned in an Avengers lyric. Cause For Alarm also mentioned it in their lyrics, (singing) "Youth of today can be the tool." That was out inspiration for the name. "

    First tune/s: We Just Might, Youth Of Today, Polluted Mind

    First appearance: V/A Make It Work 7"

    First album: Can't Close My Eyes

    First show: Anthrax, CT 1985 with 7 Seconds

    Vegetarian: "After the Youth Of Today song "No More" came out, practically the whole scene went vegetarian."

    Tours: from 1985 to 1990, 3 USA tours and one Europe

    Influence: Negative Approach, Agnostic Front, 7 Seconds, Minor Threat, Youth Brigade ...

    Last tune: Goodbye, Hello (a.k.a. One Night Stand)

    Last album: s/t (a.k.a. Disengage) 7"

    Last show: L.A. 1990

    Reunion show: 3rd July 1999, some barn in Wallingfor CT

    Also see: Break Down The Walls, A time we'll remember

    The band's frontman Ray Cappo was well known for being an outspoken Hare Krishna and the co-founder of Revelation Records. After Youth of Today, Cappo would later form the more melodic Shelter and Better Than A Thousand. The bands guitarist Porcell (John Porcelly) also played in some other well known straight edge bands, including Shelter.

    Youth Of Today have been an inspiration for numerous bands both musically and lyrically. Their style of hardcore punk is sometimes labeled youth crew hardcore.

    Wikipedia:Youth of Today

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