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    Utterly Fucked Up Wackjob Christianity

    These are people that read the Bible and go completely apeshit.
    I'm not talking about the Mormons, or even (mainstream) Baptists. I'm talking about these kind:
    Fred Phelps, and his Westboro Baptist Church.
    Chick Publications.

    There are also these people, holed up in their house (or compound as it's called sometimes): Wikipedia:Edward Lewis Brown.
    According to the wikipedia entry: (quote)
    The Concord Monitor reported: "The Browns changed their names in late March after converting to a non denominational form of Christianity they learned from a man named Sonny. According to friends of the Browns, Sonny, who wears a long beard, all-white attire and sandals, flew from Hawaii to New Hampshire to visit the Browns and shared his religious and legal teachings over several days." Elaine Brown is quoted as saying: "The only law book we now recognize is the Bible. The only way we're coming out of our home is either as free man and free woman or in body bags." (unquote)
    Sorry, but that seems to me to belong on this page.
    Refer to Make the Stand for their point of view.

    They are characterized by their complete and total departure from anything that Jesus actually taught, and replacing it with pure Hate. Also noteworthy of this kind is their complete inability to become accepted by more than a handful of people, and mostly, they believe that "only we are going to be saved". (so God created everybody, but is only going to save like ten or twelve people out of the kazillion on earth.)

    Of course, these are only manifestations of one man's model of the world. Your mileage may vary.

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