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    RSS - NewsFeeds support by the new UseModWiki version

    --done Just use http://seti23.org/wiki.pl?action=rss as a feed URL in your RSS client

    get TCL scripts to read RSS - NewsFeeds

    --done --> see http://s23.org/~mutante/wiki.php (!wiki on IRC)

    enhance the DiscordianCabals database (edit function)
    Fix the Wiki not showing correct URLs in browsers (remove "url-hiding")

    --fixed as long as you use the newly created http://wiki.s23.org link, instead of seti23.org

    re-design the s23-start page to link to subdivisions

    --done (add user public_html folders)

    find out why php passthru function doesnt work reliable anymore

    -- use exec or backticks instead? actually... use popen

    remove dead links on old seti23 page and change to database
    create cabal website and send out invitations
    get more IP adresses to realize vhost use of domains
    add 'Dictionary http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=' to intermap --Kunda

    oki, did it


    RSS -> get the newsmonster running, until now i spent lot of time without success. anyone has a clue?
    find a suitable firewall-solution for the home-network,
    and integrate the evil-ip-lists (e.G. RiAA) into the script

    NfS sharing files between unix machines - done

    find out more about the rss -

    MozillaFirebirdAndJavaPlugins (check C4:NewsFeeds , RssNewsfeeds ,xackapfel)


    Make wiki pages for the following links
    find a way to "open URL xyz if IP changes"
    find a way to connect to s23dyndns on boot in windows.


    Try to take over the world...

    add link to wiki from 23.me.uk
    -- done =)
    figger out how to make text in
    go through figlet =)
    do that thing for KunDa with the organization bit...etc..etc.. dumdedumdum


    compile PHP with GD and TTF support for image manipulation with PHP

    Ok, so how can you do this on your site? You need to make sure that your PHP setup has both GD and TTF support. See the PHP FAQ for links to these libraries. It can be a little tricky getting both GD and TTF support compiled into PHP. I suggest copying libgd.a to /usr/local/lib and the gd*.h files to /usr/local/include and just do a standard 'make install' for the FreeTTF library which should stick the appropriate files under /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/include. If you are on Solaris and using the shared library version of libttf, then you may see an error when you build Apache that says that it can't find libttf.so. If this is the case, edit the src/modules/php3/libphp3.module file and just before the "-lttf" add -R/usr/local/lib -L/usr/local/lib. Make sure you do a 'make clean' before trying to rebuild Apache and things should work ok.

    http://www.phpbuilder.com/columns/rasmus19990124.php3?page=2 http://www.phpbuilder.com/columns/rasmus19990124.php3?page=1

    -- apt-get install php4-gd2 done ;)

    SMTP Auth with tls-start

    -- done

    -- please give some details on the smtp auth, which port to use etc.. -- check file permissions of squirrelmail, did you set some new links from /usr/share/squirrelmail to /etc/squirrelmail,or change something around there?

    thanks,, mutante --

    figure why apache load is so heavy


    LDAP on s23.org


    help owl taking over the world



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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.