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ting18, sunday, 17th of April, 18:00 UTC (20:00 CEST)[edit]

See the talk (discussion) page for the ting18_talk text-inclusion please

from server: is-root.de, port: 32123

the plain text page used for the inclusion is http://is-root.de/moonedit/ting18_document

topic proposals[edit]

Thanks for following up the topic. We're actually waiting (due to some kind of 'technical' issues) for the Constitution to settle in the place in its hypertext form.. but i feel confident that it will be fixed very soon, and by the time of the next Ting. Anyways, it could really be nice to ting http://notreconstitution.net/index.php/OurConstitutionDotNet in a multilingual way.. could it be noding OurconstitutionDotnet's ? -- SébastienSauteur

Well, it was worth waiting, it's up and running. Mattis, do you plan to have ting19 tommorow thursday 21 ? If so, i'd like to post a message on CraoWiki to invite people discuss the subject if it's still on topic here ? -- Sebastien

ting18_document moon-edit page inclusion[edit]


end of ting18_document moon-edit page inclusion[edit]