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    ting16, thursday 7th of April 2005, 21:00 GMT (23:00 CEST)[edit]

    ting16_document is on the article page

    from server: is-root.de, port: 32123

    copied in from the plain text page http://is-root.de/moonedit/ting16_talk



    • ma = Mattis Manzel (a little schlaff today, sry)
    • F: Fabi

    Topic: Interwiki

    Wiki Name Service (WNS)[edit]

    Shared interwiki map

    What is needed:

    • Interwiki name
    • URL
    • Wiki engine (see below)
      • Version
    • Topic
    • language of content
    • neigbours
    • lifespan of the entry? (How long may this information be cached)

    May be offer an form to add wiki to the Wiki Name Service.


    • Interwiki name collisions! <= This is the hard part!!!
      • needs a policy who has the stronger rights

    Wiki Service directory[edit]

    Map functionality to URLs

    Interwikiurl + service_url = service

    • per Wiki engine (version)

    for example (MoinMoin)

    xmlprc version2 -> "?action=xmlrpc2"

    Needs to be done by hand for each wiki engine


    • wikirpc
      • per version
      • additional xmlrpc functions (?)
    • page operations
      • revision(no)
      • page info
      • diff
        • last diff
        • diff from revision no. to next revision
        • diff from revision no. to current
        • diff between two revisions
      • page history
      • page info
      • edit link
        • post data names! really needed/usefull?
      • save link
        • post data names!
      • page source (wiki markup)
      • printable version
      • please add more

    Use cases[edit]

    • search for wiki
    • automatically add information to RSS feeds that are not provided yet
      • better UnifiedRecentChanges
    • ...

    Wiki Passport[edit]

    A way to transfere a wiki account to another wiki. User is known as Homewiki:Username in the foreign wiki.

    It is possible to keep the password in the home wiki. The authentication is directly transfered between the two wiki instances. (technical details to be discussed else where)

    The account could be transfered even when following interwiki links, but it is not shure yet if this is a good idea. This is primary a question if the user trusts the foreign wiki and how this trust is establised.

    The other alternative would be to offer the user an interwiki list and a link "Export my account" behind every interwiki name that's wiki support WikiPassport. (WNS could help to determin which wikis support WikiPassport)

    ma: The word passport in itself somehow is "un"-wiki, dunno.

    F: This name was not invented by me. Juergen Herrman came up with the idea an the name. See MeatBall:WikiPassport. Although he did not provide a possible implementation.

    ma: you love rss? Good. I haven't understood it, but "This is insane!".

    F: No, I don't. But I have an idea what is needed to make it more lovely.


    ma: not in the second moment, but first it' stunning to see actually a l l information from a wiki beeing transfered to another. It's the perfect synapsis.

    F: This information loss is inaceptable IMHO. If you have knowledge about the wiki engine you can do nearly everything you can do locally.

    I'll go to bed soon. 21:00 UTC is too late, now that we have summer time. n8.

    relating to Fabi's idea see also: moinmoin-wiki: adopted pages.

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