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    Webmail for Nuts!

    A PHP-based (web)mail client running on top of an IMAP server (also supports POP3] via Plugin)

    "SquirrelMail is capable of retrieving e-mail from a POP3 server, via the MailFetchPlugin. However, SquirrelMail requires an IMAP server to run atop of. The IMAP server store the e-mails and is also used for authentication, so if there is no IMAP server, SquirrelMail can not be used."


    SquirrelMail support IMAP-SSL only in combination with PHP 4.3.x or higher.

    With Apache you can use mod_auth_imap. It authenticates the user via the IMAP server.

    Without mod_auth_imap your web pages may try using cookies set by SquirrelMail. Or you need to integrate SquirrelMail authentication procedures in your pages.

    we are no longer the the knights who say "Neeee", we are now the knights who say "Ikky, ikky, ikky, ikky potang, zum-boing, blugahga.....(mumble mumble mumle)"

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