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There’s a simpsons parallel for everything


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Season 17[edit]

Simpsons Season 17
1701Bonfire of the Manatees09/11/05
1702The Girl Who Knew(Slept) Too Little09/18/05
1703Milhouse of Sand and Fog09/25/05
1704Treehouse of Horror XVI11/06/05
1705Marge's Son Poisoning11/13/05
1706See Homer Run11/20/05
1707The Last of the Red Hat Mamas11/27/05
1708The Italian Bob12/11/05
1709Simpsons Christmas Stories12/18/05
1710We're on the Road to D'ohwhereTBA
1711My Fair LaddyTBA
1712The Seemingly Never-Ending StoryTBA
1713 Bart Has Two MommiesTBA
1714Kiss Kiss, Bang BangaloreTBA

taz - Homer for President - Amerikaner kennen "Simpsons" besser als Verfassung