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SETI Spy is a little program wrote to "spy" on the progress and performance of the SETI@Home client.

its well funky becouse it tells you al sorts of stuff... like user stats, time to compleations % done the list is EndLess

it also looks after the SetiCLI verry well.. starting it up and hiding it from you =)

Why SETI Spy? The graphical SETI@home client displays the progress and status of the analysis, but generating the graphics uses 60% or more of the available computing power. Some folks, including myself, would much rather use all of the available power to crunch data quicker than look at the pretty pictures. Enter a new type of software -- the SETI@home front end -- that displays the progress and status of the analysis without having to generating the time-consuming graphics. There are some good SETI@home front ends available, but I wanted something to display the information I am interested in -- the progress and especially the performance of the SETI@home client. This is why I wrote SETI Spy.

Downloading and Installing SETI Spy SETI Spy is a freeware program that runs under Windows95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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