Send email that needs authentification via telnet

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encode your username and password:

echo -en "<username>\0<username>\0<secret_password>" | base64-encode

then connect to your provider using the telnet command:

telnet 25

>>Connected to
>>220 Welcome to Nemesis ESMTP server on

HELO <domain> or <user@domain> or <your email>

>>250 pleased to meet you

AUTH PLAIN <your base64-encoded usernam/password-combination as mentioned above>
>>235 authentication finished successfully

Mail From: <your@email-address>
>>250 mail from: <your@email-adress> ok

RCPT To: <the@recipient-adress>
>>250 <the@wrecipient-adress> ok
>>354 Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself

this is your message, if you wand to send one,
>>250 Message 0MKwtQ-1Dtkqj0oyz-0006Hy accepted by

>>221 Bye