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Semapedia-tag in Cologne.

The Semapedia-Project connects Wikipedia articles to their matching objects in physical space (aka Real Life) by "physical hyperlinking".

How does it work? At first, you have to generate a Semapedia-tag out of a Wikipedia-URL by using the Semapedia website or a Greasemonkey script for firefox. The resulting tag contains the URL in Semacode, which is based upon the Datamatrix standard. Then print out the Semapedia-tag and attach it to its according physical place.

Please take a picture of the Semapedia-tagged place and upload it to the flickr Semapedia gallery.

The matching Wikipedia article on a mobile phone.

Now people can scan the Semapedia-tag with their mobile phones, if they have the Semacode-reader Software installed, which is available as "Over The Air" installation or download via a PC. The Reader converts the Semapedia-tag back in a standard URL and connect the mobile phone to the internet and the matching Wikipedia article.

Semapedia-tag in Tikal. Wikipedia:Tikal is an ancient Maya City in Guatemala.
All fotos on this site with kind permission of the creator Alexis Rondeau from

There is also a map which shows the most recent flickr semapedia pictures with geotagging information.

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