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    Kömmt der Lenz, kömmt der hive.[edit]

    There is the idea to make a wiki-hive here.

    The is also community-wiki: wiki-hive and the hive-wiki.

    technical stuff to do it:

    A wikihive is a thing where everybody can make a new wiki within seconds.

    new wikis could be

    • Arbeitslosen-wiki, a wiki for the workless, in German
    • IP-telephony-wiki, a wiki for VoIP, especially for skype
    • node-wiki-for-political-wikis - noding political wikis
    • node-wiki-for-health-wikis - noding wikis about medicine, healing and special deseases.
    • aids-wiki
    • multiple-sklerosis-wiki
    • my-band-wiki
    • Christiania-wiki

    wiki is an idea. We have to understand this idea and apply it on the hive, on financing the hive and on everything. If it get's wiki enough it will work.

    We want a real wiki-hive. It is

    • for free and stays for free. Whatever contribution of text or of money to the wiki-hive is voluntary and stays voluntary.
    • everybody can make a new wiki on the hive within seconds, even without a log-in.
    • the community of users takes the decisions. It decides about how to do it. We still have to have admins as the system is not decentralized yet. The admins are also working on a decentralized completely user administrated system and participate as uses themselves on the wiki-hive. Tell them if they act strange somehow please.
    • We do not display ads or commercials for non-opensourced and non-free products on the hive.

    The hive has to be financed, sure. It is financed on donations exclusively, gifts of money or labor or hardware or food or what ever else makes it run.

    We do an open and carefully actualized page on the financial situation of the hive. We have expenses to the left, incoming gifts to the right.

    Two buttons:

    • donations, people can make gifts in money to the hive here.
    • request job, people can ask us to voluntarily do something for them here, like coding a script, correcting a text, etc. And people voluntarily make us a gift. 20$, a hard-disk, bandwidth. Those who did the job give the gift to the hive, all of it, a part of it, whatever. Wiki is completely based on voluntarity, so let's just do the same with the financing hive. There is no payment at all, it's all just gifts. K, there are the bills we have to pay for the server - these are payments. You see them on the left. You see how the hive is doing, if it is in danger to collapse and if your help is required. This kind of free-job-free-gift-market should be commonly coordinated on a separate wiki on the hive. A job-gift-forum to pay the hive.

    MattisManzel 00:31, 18 Aug 2005 (CEST): Dunno but http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki_FAQ#How_do_I_create_a_small_wiki_farm.3F

    siehe auch: Wiki_hive

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