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    Rudi Dutschke

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    Alfred Willi Rudi Dutschke (* 7. März 1940 in Schönefeld near Luckenwalde, Germany; † 24. Dezember 1979 in Århus, Danemark) was a german marxistian sociologist who was the well-known spokesman of the APO - the german "Außerparlamentarische Opposition" (extraparliamentarian opposition) during the 60's. Born in eastern-Germany, he reached his a-levels there, but migrated to western Berlin according to misbeliefs in the SED-regime in 1961 - briefly before the Wall was build - were he solved his a-levels a second time, because for studying purposes, the eastern one was not accepted. He finally began to study sociology and philosopy at the FU Berlin and gained his doctorate there. Rudi Dutschke was an idol for many but also an enemy image for conservatives and neofascists because of his revolutionary ideas towards nationalism, economy and socialism ("communism" was a big deal in Germany). He died of the consequences of an attempted assasination which has taken place in 1968 by Josef Bachmann, who was influenced by the infamous, conservative Axel-Springer-Verlag (BILD-Zeitung).

    Trivia: with the 30. of april 2008, the "Turmstraße" in Berlin was renamed to "Rudi-Dutschke-Straße", which is crossed by "Axel-Springer-Straße". Rudi-Dutschke-Straße has the priority in traffic.¹

    this article is, according to my constant lack of time, totally incomplete. Please visit your preferred version of wikipedia for further information or reedit it ;)

    ¹ NEON (Stern), Unnützes Wissen, Gruner und Jahr + selfexperience ;))

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