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    Ramtha about Ramtha[edit]

    Foundations of the Teachings[edit]

    The four cornerstones of Ramtha's philosophy are

    1. the statement, "You are God"
    2. the mandate to make known the unknown
    3. the concept that consciousness and energy creates the nature of reality
    4. the challenge to conquer yourself

    Wikipedia about Ramtha (excerpts)[edit]

    "Ramtha is the name of a being that JZ Knight claims to channel. Knight asserts that Ramtha is a 35,000 year old spiritual being who was, according to Knight, "a Lemurian warrior who conquered the continent Atlantis and later became enlightened." -- Wikipedia:Ramtha

    "The movie What the #$*! Do We Know!? is also a major source of controversy involving Ramtha. Critics of the film describe it as a pseudoscientific fiction and not the documentary and scientifically based film it projects. JZ Knight appears in the film solely to reinforce the apparent connections between ancient spiritual beliefs and new discoveries in quantum physics.

    Additionally, the three directors of the film are admitted followers of Ramtha. Several crew members involved in the film lived on the Ramtha compound in Yelm Washington before and during the film shoot. A critique of the film by British scientists was posted on the Guardian Unlimited website. [1]"

    Skeptics about Ramtha[edit]

    "Ramtha is a 35,000 year-old spirit-warrior who appeared in J.Z. Knight’s kitchen in Tacoma, Washington in 1977. Knight claims that she is Ramtha’s channel. She also owns the copyright to Ramtha and conducts sessions in which she pretends to go into a trance and speaks Hollywood’s version of Elizabethan English in a guttural, husky voice. She has thousands of followers and has made millions of dollars performing as Ramtha at seminars ($1,000 a crack) and at her Ramtha School of Enlightenment, and from the sales of tapes, books, and accessories (Clark and Gallo 1993). She must have hypnotic powers. Searching for self-fulfillment, otherwise normal people obey her command to spend hours blindfolded in a cold, muddy, doorless maze. In the dark, they seek what Ramtha calls the ‘void at the center.’"

    • http://skepdic.com/ramtha.html (Why did somebody put blue and yellow pixels over her eyes? Looked too attractive or what?) [2] (compare self presentation [3]) (there is no NPOV not even in selecting pictures)

    James Randi on 'What the Bleep Do We Know?! and Ramtha ("..A rampant example of abuse by charlatans and cults, it is still filling theatres all over the world...")

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