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Comparison of XFS, JFS, ext3 with different Chunk Sizes and the Impact on Linux Software RAID Performance in RAID0/1/1+0/5

The attached PDF contains a detailed summary comparing the file systems JFS, XFS and ext3 on linux software raid arrays with different raid-chunk-sizes in different raid-modes (0,1,1+0,5, single disk)

  • I compiled this list on a testing-host running Debian GNU/Linux Lenny (testing), Kernel 2.6.23, 2x 1024MB DDR2-667 (Dual Channel, 2 Modules), Intel Core2Quad 2400MHz
    • at first i tried benchmarking with 4x2 = 8GB of RAM, the results were the same! so i "downgraded" the system to make benchmarks run in less time (bonnie++ needs twice the amount of physical RAM as test-file-size // the testing host has plenty performance and the software raid is in no way affected by RAM, CPU, etc. It pretty much shows the performance on the disks.
  • All tests were performed on additional disks in the system. There was neither interference with the hosts boot disk nor was there any load
  • benchmarking software: bonnie++ v1.3b with 4GB testing filesize (twice the size of installed RAM)


If you would like to run tests on your own system, simply

  • install bonnie++

apt-get update && apt-get install bonnie++

  • mount the file system you want to test
  • start bonnie++

bonnie++ -r 2048 -u 0 -g 0 -s 4g (-r is the amount of physical RAM in MB, -u and -g are user and group-IDs which have to be "0", -s is the size of the test file in MB, which has to be at leat twice the amount of RAM in your machine)