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    Rabbs is back..started a new blog (same url)..no expectations..
    random randoming, wonderful as ever.
    i recommend everyone to have freinds that are creative, for they will enrich your lives. Turning mutual mundane life experiences in to wonderful near-life experiences.
    -Kunda 13:22, 24 Jun 2005 (CEST)

    A student asked as he observed the rabbi looking through his bi-noculars,
    "Rabbi...Rabbi...What do you see?", 
    the rabbi paused then noded his head while still holding the noculars to his eyes, 
    and then in a deeply earnest, serious, and sober voice he replied, 
    "Sinners..sinners everywhere..." 
    -The Achbar book of Thingies-of-old pg.1 quote in preface
    Whilst walking in circles the rabbi noticed that his path was wearing a hole in the earth.
    He saw that this was a bad thing. So he stopped doing it.
    -The Agnostic Gospel of What's-his-ass, Chapter 7 times 7 times.

    http://rabbinoculars.typepad.com/still4.jpg http://rabbinoculars.typepad.com

    Though he doesn't belong to the seti23 s23 cabal (nor do I for that matter <laugh>) I think that he appreciates its existence. This man was the 'adhesive' behind the famous Allston '01-'02 Quantum Psychology meetings (hosted within his home). Great feasts (food and debates) were concocted within that time/space. I met some excellent folks through the rabbi:

    Maclaine here. I just stumbled on this sight and thought that the url referencing me could use some polishing up. It's good to know that the Quantum Psychology meetings/dinners are not forgotten.

    A chick who I lent a copy of 'Prometheus Rising' to and haven't received back yet. A David Bowie impersonator who never returned the Rabbi's Phil Hine book to him (right?). and more...


    I dedicated this wiki page to him since frankly his is a website I visit very frequently, sort of the way people all over the earth used to appreciate great storytellers. I also created this page since I am tired of always appending his whole URL to every refference made to him (this wiki won't <a href></a>). So the truth is out..I use the rabbi for my selfish reason. (Actually one can href but Hey! the admission is out...damage is done)

    (btw..this is a wiki so the content is editable...click "Edit text of this page" at the bottom of the screen to leave info, photons, bird droppings, and golden apples.) -The Management

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