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Redhat Package Manager

rpm -Uvh packages...

Install/upgrade packages, and let me know what happens

rpm -qi packagename

Tell me all about packagename, which is already installed.

rpm -qpi packagename-1.0mdk.i586.rpm

Tell me all about the package contained in packagename-1.0mdk.i586.rpm, which doesn't have to be installed.

rpm -q --changelog packagename

Display the changelog for the installed package packagename.

rpm -qa

List ALL packages installed on my system.

rpm -e

(--erase is equivalent) removes, or erases, one or more packages from the system.

rpm -qf /usr/bin/pdftex

get the information from which rpm packet this file was installed

other meannings of RPM[edit]

RPM can also stand for:

Revolutions Per Minute (Vinyl, weapons, cars..)
Reverse Path Multicast (Networking)
Re-punched Mint Mark (coin collecting)
Raised Pavement Marker (on US roads)
a Brazilian rock band